A Waltz to Forever and Ever

Instead of sleeping in, followed dad to a wedding shoot on a fine Saturday.
 11 hours of exhausting but fun-filled East meets West.
Interesting culture with lots of colors, blings, music and dancing.
 It's so lively compared to boring Chinese wedding.
First time in my life I cared what's happening on a ceremony,
 as I usually dying to get over it and eat.
 I think I wanna marry an Indian too.
The happy, hyper, crazily fun bride hopping everywhere with her puffy wedding dress.
'Enchanted - So Close' scene was playing in my head.
 The little talk she had with her dad during the Waltz makes me wanna cry.
 The place turned into a club out of no where. Everyone was jiving in joy,
 nobody could resist Gangnam style. Happy faces, happy faces everywhere.
Let's pause a little while and play a little game.
Could you find young Leehom, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker in the group photo above?
And I actually think the bride looks like Taylor Swift.
Here's to Forever and Ever.
It makes me the happiest person when the bride told my dad she loves my shots.
So for any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Lol.


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