The Eighty Eight Restaurant

I'm upset cause I can't think of any informal post title!
Very tempted to use Huat Huat though, or Egg Dee Egg.
Along Kelawei Road, opposite of Esso and next to Kitchen Shop, there is this restaurant called
 Eighty Eight which all this while, I thought it's a lighting shop.
 Somebody slap me already.
This is what a lazy blogger does. You're welcome.
 Simple and homey setting; My usual sleepy eyes, and I totally given up curling my hair.
Love the table mat details! And here comes the scrumptious food on the pretty table mat.
Muffin bread with home-made burnt butter, I find the butter weird but acceptable.
Everybody meet Caeser, the salad [RM20]
They got creative by stacking baby Romanian lettuce together,
drizzled with home-made Caeser dressing, garnished with confit cherry tomatoes,
 anchovies, parmigiano reggiano, shredded egg white and yolk.
Instead of the ordinary croutons, the thin crust on top is from the muffin bread.  
Creative and yummy like no other Caeser salad!
Salmon [RM40]
Very brilliant way of cooking as they pan-seared the top part till crispy,
while the rest is soft. It got even better when you eat together with
 the orange emulsion and watercress puree.
Black Angus Striploin [RM68] 
Highly recommended! Very tender and juicy.
120 days grain fed Black Angus strip-loin pan-seared, served with
 roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes and mustard grained jus.
Boiled carrots with herbs and mashed potatoes for sides.
Everything has a sweet ending. 
Chocolate & Banana 2012 [RM22]
Frozen varlhorna chocolate mousse, banana mousse,
 chocolate and coffee crumbles,
the white thing that looks like squid sashimi is banana ice cream!
The chocolate they use is no normal chocolate, but 50% dark chocolate.
I must say this is the best dessert I've ever had.
Would definitely come back just for this!
I find their set lunch surprisingly cheap for the great quality they offer.
Do note that their dinner menu selection isn't sweeping as they thrive on quality over quantity.
The food portion is just right, had a pleasant night indeed.
Say hi to my partner in crime!
Okay bye.


  1. Awesome partner you've got there :P

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