Il Bacaro, Campbell House

A heritage boutique hotel located at Campbell Street,
just across the street from the famous dim sum restaurant Tai Tong.
Not here to stay, but to eat.
A word a day: Bacaro 
Definition: Traditional Venetian wine bar or tavern
Il means The, so it's The Bacaro
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Important note to remember: Do not confuse it with bakayaro 
They brought over the whole freakin' board for today's special to our table lol!
Rocket Salad(tomato, olives, parmesan cheese), highly recommended!
 Really good combination but slightly too salty.
Spaghetti with salmon and cream sauce, good but filling.
Mushroom and Garlic Pizza, nothing much about it.
Bicolor panacota with mixed berries sauce, tastes magical!
Love the biscuit crumb base and sour sauce.
Couldn't finish the pizza, and this is their very creative and cost-saving way for take-away!
Chilled at the Little Sewing later on.
After a wonderful night at Heaven Gate, I have totally forgotten
how to curl my hair which results to this burnt grassy look.
Oh well, they say 'practice makes perfect'.
We'll see.


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