New York Pizza

Sick of Pizza Hut or Domino's?
Here's a good news for you pizza maniacs!
Or those who has been dying to go NYC.
Located in Sungai Dua, the same row with Yellow House,
New York Pizza has come to the rescue.
Pieces of New York on the wall.
First and foremost, some appetizers.
Fried Platter [RM19.60]
Onion Rings, Cheesy Potato Balls, Fried Samosa and Chili Chicken Fingers
 with home-made tartar sauce.
 Beware of burning your tongue, hot stuff.
Think honey chicken wings are boring? No problem.
Chili Wings, BBQ Wings and Sweet Thai Wings
RM5.60 (S)  RM10.50 (L)
Love the last one, sweet and slightly spicy.
Cheesy Garlic Bread [RM8]
This is not a pizza, nor the boring garlic bread.
Irresistible garlic with great aroma on crispy thin crust, and yes, with cheesy cheese.
Finally, the pizzas.
Hawaiian Chicken
Chicken chunks, pineapple, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 
 Tuna Delight
Tuna, green pepper, onion, mayonaise, pineapple, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 
NYC Signature
Beef/Chicken pepperoni, chicken ham, chicken chunks, mozarella cheese, tomato sauce 
Highlight of the day: Pearl Harbor
Crabmeat, pinapple, thousand island sauce, mozarella cheese and most of all,
It's like Italian with a touch of Japanese sushi!
Here's the menu of all flavours available, price and steps to order.
Don't fancy pizza? They have pasta too!
Carbonara Chicken and Chicken Bolognaise [RM10.80]
Didn't expect to see this, first charcoal burger in Penang!
Thick, juicy patty(choose from beef or chicken), bacon,
and lettuce with crunchy charcoal buns.
Don't be terrified by the color, it tastes fine and helps to detox your body.
Comes with drinks and fries, selling at RM10 only.
Grab it fast before 31st of March!
Visit their website for more, full menu and promos there.

723Z-G, Vanda Business Park, Yellow House,
Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Sungai Dua, Penang

Business Hours
Daily 11A.M. to 10P.M.

04-658 4640
*Delivery service is available upon purchase of RM30 and above.

They will be opening in Tanjung Bungah soon, stay tuned!


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