Because Plan A didn't work

They say
 'If Plan A fails, remember there are 25 alphabets left'
So I decided to carry out Plan B, the one at Publika.
Saw people posting eggs benedict pictures on Instagram and they looked yummy,
ordered without thinking twice even though I don't fancy runny egg yolks.
 My very sad eggs benedict.
Eggs were horrible, made me sick a little.
 Colleen's aglio olio was tasteless.
The waiters were rude and not efficient.
Google them up and I guarantee you will find quite some number of bad reviews.
Here's a cute one by Chee Ching
But to be honest the hot chocolate isn't bad.
No doubt it's a great hang-out place with creative decorations and good atmosphere.
Price is affordable and considered quite cheap for breakfast.
Available at Bangsar Village, 1Utama, Paradigm Mall and Mid Valley.


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