A swarm of bees

 A night spent at Publika, the cute name attracted us.
Claimed to be 'Your neighbourhood hang-out place in the friendly and cozy corner.'
Can't agree more as it is super cozy with the dim lights and great indie they play.
Colleen the designer.
 That was Javin toying with my camera.
Everybody loves the wooden bunny.

There's no need of pictures on the menu, when the name and description makes you drool.
Nachos with 3 dips; Rainbow cake was on the cake-of-the-day list, half price!
Apple crumble is a must try, crunchy coconut crumble topped with vanila goodness.
Not only restaurant, The Bee is also a platform for local artists.
Here's their upcoming events. Grabbed from their website.
Ice cream and coffee appreciation class seems interesting!
KL peeps go check it out.
Because the bee would risk their life stinging your butt.


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