3 months

They said it's only safe to announce your pregnancy after 3 months.
So here I am announcing a good news!
After bidding farewell to my waiting for 11, 3.30, 5 life and
 getting my huge card wish granted, life moves on to a whole new level.
Met some people: 
The superstars, wild ones, people who allows me to embrace my facial flexibility,
 teddy bears, and a lot more.I still panic a little in those gazing eyes,
 my heart still trembles when I'm in the crowd, but I think I'm getting better.
Fun people to work with.
Happy to say that, I'm not using auto mode anymore.
 I've learnt how to flip my hair and instead of mocking bird, I learnt how to kill a teddy bear.

And my luck on lucky draw is back!
Thanks to the car accident, it made me realized who really cares and who doesn't.
Random surprises that gives me sunshines.
Just in case you're wondering what I do in the hotel,
 I read magazine and munch on cookies.
 Don't worry, I'm not pregnant.


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