It takes two to tango, mango tango

If you don't know where this place is, what's wrong with you? it is located at the
3rd floor of Gurney Plaza, just beside Kim Gary, where crazy long queue could always be seen.
Heard of the name from people who came back from Hong Kong,
 thought I wouldn't have the chance to try unless I'm travelling all the way there. 
And tadaa! Here it is in Penang.
Check out their fb page here.
In case you're curious, Hui Lau Shan许留山 is the name of the founder's ancestor.
First opened in the 60's in Hong Kong, and now there are 52 outlets and more to come. 
If you already know about Hui Lau Shan, the first thing that came into your mind must be
But before all those yellow mango tangos,you might not know (and you must know) that
Hui Lau Shan didn't start with mango desserts, but this
 Ganoderma Herbal Jelly 灵芝龟苓膏
Everybody knows that herbal jelly does wonder. 
It helps to clear body heat and toxicity and benefits the kidney.
Instead of honey, sugar syrup is given to maintain the taste of the herbal jelly.

Now, the mango tangos!
The star ingredient used in making Hui Lau San's desserts. 
Instead of any random market, quality mangoes are imported from Thailand and Philippine.
These two species were chosen as they create a great balance when combined. 
Philippine mangoes have a strong aroma, slightly sour and it's used as topping of the dessert
while Thai mangoes are sweet and used to blend into juices.
From left:
Honey Jeli with Pomelo&Mango 金捞爽
Fresh blended mango with milk, you could feel the pomelo popped in
 your mouth and jelly made of honey.

 Golden Pinky Crystal Jeli 金粉水晶晶
Favourite of most girls, 3 layers of strawberry, mango and crystal jelly.
Feel the citrus crushed in your mouth!

 Mango Cube and Juice 粒粒芒
Ultimate combo of mango juice, cubes, pudding and sago,
definitely a mango lovers' to-die-for!
Mango Icy Sweetie Ball 多芒小丸子
Mango cubes, homemade mango ice cream and baby glutinous balls 
indulging themselves in the mango puree, watching you indulging them.
Don't worry if the glutinous balls are slightly hard,
 it's meant to be like that. Exercise your mouth a little bit with the chewiness.
Fresh Mango Mochi 芒果糯米糍
The mango within was slightly sour, wrapped in sweet chewy mochi
with shredded coconut, perfect combination.

Double Series, pudding mix and match.
4 different toppings and pudding to be chosen from, splurge your creativity!

Fresh Frutties Sweetie Ball with Double Juices 鲜果鸳鸯捞丸子
Small bowl of fruits and choose any 2 juices from
Mango/Coconut/Watermelon/Honeydew/Cantaloupe/Papaya juice
The picture shows the pairing of watermelon and mango,
refreshing and I really love their slightly hard sweetie balls!
Mango Romance 芒之恋
Smaller portion of Fresh Mango Mochi, Mango Icy Sweetie Ball and Mango Icy Crystal Jeli.
Good for first visit and fickle minded people like me. Now you can try all 3 at once!
Mango Feast 芒果小盛宴
Mango Icy Coconut Noodle, Mango Sweetie Ball and Mango Cream Cheese Cake
The mango cream cheese cake is more of creamy than cheesy.
It would be great if there's more mangoes in between.
Noodles that looks like keoy teow made of coconut milk, love the texture.

Dying for baby skin? Then you wouldn't wanna miss this!
Supreme Coconut Stewed Bird's Nest with Harsmar 燕窝椰皇炖雪蛤
By looking at the name you already knew that this is miracle food for the skin.
 Harsmar(雪蛤) helps to rejuvenate your skin and prevent wrinkles,
 coconut milk could improve skin complexion while bird nest is rich in nutritional ingredients.
Available in hot or cold.
Fresh Papaya with Harsmar and Coconut Milk 木瓜雪蛤膏
Papaya, the fruit of the angels is high in Vitamin A and C.
Nourishing and refreshing at the same time, good for digestion too!
Double delight sweetie ball 糖不甩
Springy glutinous balls sprinkled with sesame and peanuts.
Reminds me of 麻芝but without sugar.

 Aren't you sugar overdosed yet? 
Here are some savoury treats that might surprise you!
 Signature Curry Combo 咖喱什锦
 Curry fish balls, radish, dried bean curd and cuttlefish.
Instead of potatoes, radish was used so it gives some sweet satisfaction even in curry.
This dish is more spicy when it's compared to HK's to suit Malaysian's appetite.
Spicy Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings 香辣瑞士鸡翼
Looks ordinary but it's like no other chicken wings as it's marinated with Swiss herb.
 Delighted with how good the combination turned out to be, definitely recommended.
One thing to look forward is, they will serve rice to go with this in the future
 so you can have your meal here together with the sweet temptations.
Thanks Hui Lau Shan and Gourmet Garden for inviting again despite my lack of updates. 
Hope you like this overexposed picture like I do!


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