Blessing in disguise

To my dear friend, and those broken ones,

Break-up sucks, and it could be ugly too.
The worst feeling about break-ups isn't the terrifying nightmare of
being single and lonely, it is the feeling of being betrayed
What about all the promises? What happened to forever and ever?
How am I gonna patch my heart with this huge part missing?

When you think your life sucks and it's the end of the world,
keep this in mind:
They are here to serve you a purpose. 
You might not know what it is, but all you gotta do is to
keep moving forward.

When one door closed, another will open. The cracks in life allows light to shine in.
Cliche but you will only get it in the future, don't rush things, take things slow. 

Life is a never-ending lesson
Smile because it happened, and you learn from your lesson.
See it as an opportunity to find your way back, to rediscover yourself.
Who you are, who you want to be, who you are meant to be.
To once again pick up what you love doing, not to compromise or please.

It's not gonna be easy, but it's gonna be all worth it.

Along the road, you will discover there are many things in life that you've overlooked.
There are still good things and good people around you, you just gotta keep your mind open.
Lose yourself, do what you love, do something crazy, try something new, travel often.

You will realize there are still many things in life that are worth living for.

One day you will come to know that all those 'misfortunes' are just
blessings in disguise.

p/s: There are people asking me if I'm going through a break-up.. 
        I don't even have a bf how to break up!
        This post is actually dedicated to a friend of mine,
        and also to those who are going through one. 
        Anyway would like to thank those who concerns, I am really touched :)


  1. Even though not knowing what'd happening to you, but hope everything of you are fine.

  2. Hey thanks! Yes I'm doing great, orelse I would be crying in my bed instead of writing this wise post hahaha. So sweet of you, thanks again :)

  3. Keep moving n sunshine is with you:)


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