A story of me and Sakae Sushi

You might be asking,
 'Who on earth doesn't know about Sakae Sushi?'
Still, please let me do my job. Here's a little story of me and Sakae Sushi:

Once upon a time, there was this duck called the ugly duckling.
Please appreciate that I revealed my horrible past to you.

This is me at Sakae Sushi The Curve 5 years ago, for the first time.
It was Trevor's treat(I don't kacang lupakan kulit), back then Sakae Sushi was fine dining to me.
I had always thought that I couldn't afford Sakae Sushi so Sushi King was always my choice.
Until say 2 years ago, by the influence of my friends, I started going to Sakae Sushi instead.
Since then, I'd never stepped a foot into Sushi King.
I don't mean Sushi King is bad, but as compared I prefer Sakae Sushi, that's all.
To me, Sakae Sushi is the one and only healthy fast food you could ever find.
Not to forget it's also the only fast food that's affordable and the quality is up to standard.
Just to name one, fresh salmon sushi which priced at only RM3.99.
Almost everyone who loves salmon would order at least 1 or 2 every time they visit.
The coincidence guy on the screen was hilarious hah!
Now that they're using iPad interactive menu, 
no longer have to worry the table is too small to move the mouse.
And good for kids who loves tapping for fun on the iPad.
While getting entertained from the moving conveyor belt, you can simply take 
whatever you're eyeing on. Or of course, you can just order from their menu.
Besides sushi(vinegared rice[shan] combined with ingredients[neta]), 
we all know that they offer a variety of Japanese delicacies from all categories.

Good news is, now Sakae Sushi has just unveiled its new and improved 
menu featuring 30 mouth-watering new creation.
いただきます! Let the feast begin!
Genmaicha green tea was served that day.
If you didn't know, Genmaicha is green tea infused with roasted brown rice,
giving an additional aroma to the tea that soothes your body and mind.
And maybe that's why Japanese are so friendly and patient.
Kaisen salad, RM16.90
Kaisen means seafood in Japanese. So this salad is assorted vegetables(spot the broccoli!),
served with prawns, snow crab legs, topped with tuna flakes and
seasoned with homemade creamy goma(sesame) dressing.
Compared to normal salad, this Kaisen salad gives you a tantalizing taste,
especially the goma dressing, totally appetizing and healthy.
Now you can wave goodbye to the fatty fat fat thousand island!
I know you can't see what I'm holding, please find the elaboration below.
Sakae Blossom, RM9.99
Grilled salmon that looks like a flower on maki, topped with small amount of mayo,
and surrounded with baby ebiko. Doesn't it sound heavenly already?
Ebi Crepe, RM5.99
When East meets West, whole cooked prawn wrapped with veg and mayo in egg crepe.
Soft Shell Crab Maki, RM5.99
No idea why I never wanted to try soft crab, but now I'm in love with them!
Maki topped with sweet beancurd and spicy mayo, crunchy soft shell crab and cucumber beneath.
Inari Avacado Ebi, RM7.99
 Avocado and prawn mixed with salad dressing in sweet beancurd skin, creative isn't it?
More salmon goodness!
Hana Maki, RM9.99
Raw salmon petal beautifully rolled with rice, topped with mayo and ebiko.
Personally think  the mayo is way too much which spoils the taste a little bit.
Hotate Mentaiyaki, RM20.90
It is a Sakae Sushi all time favorite but it was my first time having it.
Chewy scallop covered with creamy mentaiko(pollock roe)sauce, 
 it was good but I'm never a fan of mentaiko, too creamy like carbonara.
Curry Udon, RM12.90
Instead of udon in clear miso soup, now you can have wheat noodles in Japanese curry!
As a huge fan of curry katsu jyu, this curry udon will definitely be on my top list!
And this is the actual serving portion, personally think
it's a big portion so it's worth way over RM12.90
Kimchi lovers, here's something for you!
 Kaisen Pirikara Nabe, RM24.90
Hotpot of kimchi soup with prawns, cuttlefish, salmon, mushroom and vegetables.
The picture shown the actual serving, don't think I could finish them all by myself.
This picture was provided bySakae Sushi, as they melted a bit when served.
From left: black sesame, green tea, dragon fruit, passion fruit
Black sesame and green tea ones are awesome!
Passion fruit was refreshing but too sour for me, while dragonfruit was weird.
Before I finally met the life-size froggie, I thought it was overrated.
But when it was bouncing towards me, the adorable-ness was irresistible.
In the goodie bag: Very detailed press kit, member card, RM50 vouchers and the froggie plusie.

After my touching story with Sakae Sushi, aren't you moved to be one of their fans too?
Visit the nearest Sakae Sushi to you today!

Check out their website and Facebook fanpage for promotions and updates!
Credit to Vincent/Willy who invited and Jeslyn for the awesome pictures.


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