Spontaneity Strikes: I've got two bunny cutie pies!

It was after tea time at China House, and we decided to stroll around CTY.
 And here, out of spontaneity, we bought this little ball of fur. We named it Caramel.
 This irresistibly cute little fluff is a boy!
I've never imagined myself having a pet, as my mom doesn't allow pets at home.
Besides fish, we'd never have any other pets before.
Doesn't he look like a Peter Rabbit?
Because of commitment, we've decided to take turns for being his moms.
Me, Michelle, Jeslyn and boyfriend, the four of us.
Who's the good boy?? Who's the good boy??!*aggressive control freak activated
He's so quiet that he wouldn't move when I was holding him, 
allowing me to camwhore as much as I want!
On the side note, Apple seriously need to improve their front camera quality.
And here's Caramel looking like a squirrel! Cuteness overload!!
And now I sound like those annoying teenager...
Hi! He was actually begging for food.
Oh I almost forgot, we got him a girlfriend Igloo.
This fatty snowball is hyper-active, hopping all over the tiny cage.
It's really hard to keep her in my hands, so no picture of me with her.
Besides hyper-active, she's also a super duper lazyass.
My little brother was the most excited one when I brought them home.
Ever since I got them,I finally understand why parents prefer one child over another.
Maybe I just have to admit that I'm not cute enough or a super duper lazyass to my parents.
Oh well...
Gave them the whole room to run, they hide in a corner..
Glad that they love each other. But when it comes to food, they fight vigorously!
Abruptly end my post here, hope you'll still read my blog after I revealed my


  1. Congratulations on going dot com and the bunnies are so cute omg gona get one for myself too! lol

  2. Oii thanks! Still having problem figuring out the hosting part though..
    Yay then we can hang out and walk our bunnies at botanical garden lol!

  3. THEY'RE SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIEEE! nomnomnom I want to eat them :D
    Igloo looks more dominating! #good job there, girl hahaha!
    They remind me of me and my boyf btw, the way they look in pictures and the fighting for food part tee-hee!

  4. U SO CRUEL!!! How can she not be dominating when she's so fat?! :D
    you're such a bad girlfriend! :P


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