Great American Buffet at Starz Hard Rock Hotel

John Lennon gazing at the pretty lights, breathtaking isn't it?
 From the gigantic guitar at the entrance, Michael Jackson sitting on the throne,
luxurious lagoon suite which allows you to jump right into the pool from your room,
bits and pieces of The Beatles all over, you must be thinking:
What's new?
Hard Rock Hotel presents you THE GREAT AMERICAN BUFFET
There are several diners at the hotel, the buffet can be found at
 Starz Diner, the one next to pixelized Beatles.
When I first heard of American buffet, all I could relate was super high calories food.
Thanks to Epic Meal Time for the false idea.
Don't worry, the buffet was nothing like this.
Totally indulged myself in the great American setting, colorful balloons all around!
Are you ready for the food galore?
Tex-Mex(Texan&Mexican) appetizers which aren't my favorite, but the nachos were irresistible!
They have up to 5 choices of salads, the green peas was one of them.
Seafood on ice, fresh from the sea. The mussels were huge!
Love shrimps but can't take raw ones?
Good news awaits in the garden!
Grilled delicacies prepared on the spot
Seafood chowder w/ bread on the side. Plain or grain, your pick!
Macaroni and cheese was really cheesy but not filling, so you can have as much as you want!
Two thumbs up for the main courses, especially to the Southern fried chicken, crispy and not too oily.
Excited to see these cute patties, but the lamb beneath wasn't good.
And here comes the best part of every meal:
Pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse cup, lemon meringue tart and tira-miss-you
were highly recommended. Angel food was too sweet. 
And most of all,
Chocolate fondue!
The chocolate isn't like those ordinary ones you could find out there,
it's bitter sweet! Killed my guilt a little bit hah.

Can't wait to get this Great American experience while humming Coldplay's Paradise?
Call 04-8811711 or e-mail to for reservation.
RM108++ per adult and RM54++ per child(below 12 y/o),
only available for dinner every Friday and Saturday.
Eat like a ROCKSTAR
Feel like a ROCKSTAR

I know I looked nothing like a rockstar, but you get my point


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