So I turned 21

Okay that was a lie. How I wish I could be forever 21.
Creme brulee cheese, early surprise from colleagues. So sweet of them :)
A fine afternoon spent w/ them at Babylon Beach Blanket.
Some slurps and noms.
Digging in!
Jason has been asking me to make name cards for my blog
to be given out at food reviews/events.
I think I just found the best picture for it.
Yes? Couldn't stop laughing when Yong2 showed it to me hah
Huge thanks to Jeslyn, brought along her awesome DSLR to capture every candid pictures of us.
I realized most of the time I was either
looking dumb
or both
Oh and how do you like my curly hair?
I was in love w/ it but still refused to to go for permanent perm, heard it's hard to take care of.
Kept persuading her to chop off her super long hair.
No idea why she did that but it was hilarious lol! 
Banana split, gula melaka and brown sugar butter flavour.
Gula melaka was too sweet while brown sugar butter tasted really weird,
which results to my frowning face.
Blowing the candles off.
Had a hard time removing the candles, look at that evil face!
Everybody dig in!
I've always wanted to eat a cake w/o cutting it out, dream came true.
Love those sincere long wishes, coincidentally they are w/ animals!
And that annoying moment when you spot somebody claimed herself as Ryan Higa's wife..
Adorable 3D card all the way from UK from babe Eunice, you've been missed!
Another coincidence was, almost everything was skin care/cosmetic related
Thanks for contributing to my make-up pouch overload hah!
Very girly dress from Eunice, who has the same birthday with me, who is married to Korea.
Loads of love, it's the heart that matters.
Got myself a little something, like finally. Picked the black one instead of white.
This had been following Colleen for like 2 years, then me around 3 years.
Old phones are just so endurable!
Thanks a lot, you've served me well.
A wishlist I found out few days ago, so happy that I achieved them,
even though they seemed impossible to me at first.
Thank God for each and every of them.


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