Universal Studio Singapore

Thought the globe was too mainstream, so no pictures w/ the globe.
A long day at USS w/ family, and also Yong2, her friend and nieces.
Arrived there once it opened, which was 10am.
It was the worst time of the year to be there:
Post-Christmas, Pre-NYE, school holiday.
The crowd was crazy.
If you're an extremely impatient person, you're advised to get the Express tix, 30$ extra.

Anyway, if you've already seen all the pictures on fb, please bare w/ me. 
Christmas trees and the cute yellow cab.
Here's a random question:

It's POPCORN! If that wasn't the first word that came into your mind, you're dirty minded!
After giving up queing up the Transformer ride, we decided to hop on a roller coaster.
What a great start! Just fyi, in case you don't know,
As much as I love horror movies! I can't be the only one..
Anyway, the ride was surprisingly fun! If I had time, I would ride again for like 10 times.
Bumped into Indiana Jones, he has really pretty blue eyes!
My pose was so retarded. I looked like I'm riding a donkey or something.
Entering the Ancient Egypt; Bumped into this hot Egyptian princess.
Cheeky faces before entering the Revenge of the Mummy ride.
The bomb of the ride was it suddenly went backwards, that was really fun!
A very touristic shot at Jurassic Park.
The ride was really boring, claimed by Yong2 who had the Express tix.
Lunch at Fossil Fuel, the food was ridiculously pricey.
But couldn't resist the white German sausage, so there's a price to pay.
While queing up under the sun for the Water World show, that's our best pass time.
Will you look at the crowd? 
We're seated according to different color zones, determining if you will get wet or not.
The show was boring to me, w/ tonnes of explosions and water splashing that's all.
Far far away, I love castles! And the adorable ginger bread man w/ horrible voice.
It's almost impossible for me to not to do something stupid whenever I see Marty.
Taken on the ride :)
There were few attractions having technical difficulties which was really upsetting.
And here we come to the best part: Transformers The Ride.
We were warned that the queue would take up at least 2.30 hours, was thinking the staff was such a liar
But it was no joke, there were like 3-4 rooms like this.
The aftermath of waiting too long
We waited for
for a

But it was all worth it I must say, it was so real especially the part
where we were thrown down the building and the heat of the explosion.
Most of all, we fought Decepticon!
Dinner at Mel's after we watched the Monster music show which I fell asleep in it
 and we called it a day.
The experience was fun and frustrating, as we spent too much time queing up.
But one thing is for sure is, I'll definitely go....... to the one in USA.

p/s: Just realized that I made this post sounded like USS is horrible hah!
It was pretty awesome, just that all I could remember was the long queue.
So for those who hasn't been there yet, USS is worth visiting! :)


  1. Hi, nice pictures! I know this is kind of late but the character you met at Egypt isn't Indiana Jones.. it's Rick O'Connell from "The Mummy". The Egyptian princess is the Nile Princess, based on Anck Su Namun from "The Mummy". Great post!


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