Joget High-Tea at Rasa Sayang

Remember those tunes you heard on TV advertisement, shopping malls and radio during Hari Raya?
If you do, then you probably got a clue how does Joget sounds like.
 Thanks to Jason, I was there at the launching of Joget High Tea at Rasa Sayang.
 It was held at the Lounge, featuring Miss Tourism International finalists.
 There was quite a crowd of media w/ flashing lights, and I got all tensed-up.
 I overlooked the e-mail Jason sent me, I thought it was Miss Tourism Malaysia.
So I was expecting a bunch of Malay contestants, until I saw..
 Hot girls from six continents. Now I wasn't only tensed-up, but also stressed up.
You know, the feeling you get when you're surrounded by confident hot girls.
 Okay you might not know how does that feel,
but it's overwhelming for a socially awkward penguin like me.
Here I am off topic again, so back to the Malam Joget!
The Red Kebaya Girls showing us how to perform a Joget w/ live traditional band playing.
It sure brought me back to the time when I was in Primary school, when we
sang/played the recorder out-of-tune to those traditional Malay songs during music class.
 After a session of tutoring, The Red Kebaya Girls invited the 56 finalists to join them!
Although it's a traditional Malay dance, which is very unfamiliar to the....
angmohs (sorry, still don't know their difference),
they tried their best and had fun dancing w/ the traditional music.
All the girls dancing w/ Miss Tourism 2010, Nathalie Dendekker.
A picture w/ the finalist from Malaysia, she's so gorgeous!
And to those who think I exaggerate when I say I'm fat, here's a proof.
I didn't exaggerate at all, did I?
I will stop eating like there's no tomorrow, I will try..
The one from Japan, きれいでしお!
Anyway, the Miss Tourism wasn't the real deal at all.

Rasa Sayang is now having a Joget High-Tea promotion
introducing the Joget culture to the foreigners as well as locals.
Malaysian Tea Set:
Chicken lorbak & cucumber, Chili dip, Curry puff
Nyonya Kuih:
 Cucur badak, Angkoo, Kuih lapis, Coffee or Tea
English Tea Set:
Hazelnut scone, Vanilla scone, Whipped cream & strawberries,Linzer tart,
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosty, Espresso mousse
3 types of sandwiches:
 Poached prawn & avocado, Grilled beef with peppers and onion,
Cheddar cheese & peach mango chutney, Coffee or Tea

If you're bored of sipping Ice Peach Tea at Winter Warmers
 or wiping strawberry jam on scones at Delicious, why not try this one?
Indulge yourself w/ good food and great traditional Joget dance!

The Joget High-Tea is priced at RM45++ per pax and
 happens every 2 weeks, 4-6pm,starting from 25th December 2011.
So the next will be on 8th this Sunday, don't miss it!

For any inquiries/reservation, do call 04- 888 8888.


  1. Jen, you have a fun way of putting things together, which is good. I guess we are getting "old"...

  2. Thanks!:D Hire me!Hire me!*waves real hard*

  3. Do you want me to die of hunger??


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