I hug you!

Try saying that in Achmed the dead terrorist's voice, it'll make it 10x funnier.

Me and Colleen were talking about this last night. I mean hugging, not Jeff Dunham.
Ever encountered this situation where you bumped into your long-lost friend or
met someone who you had been missing, both of you were overwhelmed by excitement but
all you did was standing there saying 'OMG long time no see, I miss you so much!'
in high-pitch voice(this only applies to girls I suppose) and just looked at each other with hands dancing around.
The excitement ended really awkward, either one of you had to come up w/ 'So..... Wassup?'

Here's a suggestion:
Why not just, hug? Is is that hard?
I recalled the time when I was just back from my Europe trip, meeting up w/ Jeslyn at a restaurant.
I was too happy to see her after a month and I stood up and hugged her in front of everybody.
She gave me that 'What was that? I don't even.......' look.
Leaving me like I'm the only weirdo who does that in the whole universe.
Okay maybe only in Malaysia.
And that's why I love angmohs, they hug all the time w/o feeling embarrassed or anything!

Anyway, instead of the awkward look at each other, why not just open your arms and
give your friend a big warm hug?
It's worth million times of saying I miss you, showing how sincere you are.
Not only the people you miss, but also those who are in troubles, those who need comfort.
Everyone needs a hug.

Here's a hug from me to everyone who's reading this, fine if you don't want it.

Hug someone today!
You might just made their day, you never know :)


  1. Hey,

    Interestingly enough, I do give people hugs when I haven't seen them in awhile. =D Maybe its the conservative side of some Msians that deter them from doing so. But I agree with you, people should start giving hugs! So since I haven't seen you in a while, *hugs*! Lol!

  2. Hey Vayshna!
    So surprised to get this comment from you!
    Yea agree w/ that, why can't they be more 'angmoh'? Haha!
    *huggsssss* too! Miss you guys so much! And Chia2! :')
    Thanks for dropping by though! For letting me know there are people reading my useless blog hah!

    Ruo Ning!
    Thanks for the idea of this post*hugssss* ♥

  3. well, i do give hugs! *HUGSS* :D

  4. *gasp* Babeeee! What a surprise!*HUGGSSSS* ♥

  5. I hug people everyday! even on random days... it gives comfort =D

  6. I must hug you when you finally visit Little Sewing hah! :D

  7. ohh.. i did that?! sorry... haven't hug friends in a while since 2008.. =(

  8. Haha it's okay! I will practise w/ you teehee :D