Oh Mr. Sun, please shine down on me!

Picture yourself in a boat on a river, w/ tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
This makes me think of Forever&Ever :)

Another breathtaking trip at the lake, this time in Italy.
This was right after the horrible Milan nightmare,
prayed really hard that my entire trip wouldn't continue to suck since the scam.
I prayed so many times of the same thing throughout the trip HAHA
Drove up the hill, winded down all the windows for fresh air*inhale hard*
The scene at the balcony of our hotel, surrounded by mountains.
We would take a walk everyday after our dinner along the quiet street.
The beautiful bright moon :)
Salad, yoghurt, fruits, egg, bacon, salami, bread, blood orange and Cappucino.
They say we should breakfast like a King. But in fact, I was a King every meal.
Although they always come w/ giant serving, but at least, balanced.
The next day by the lake, there goes my current profile picture on fb heh.
Love the natural bokeh effect that caused by the sunlight :)

W/ Jerry, aww look at that silly face!
A girl spotted swimming in the lake!
Mamma mia! they said.
Although there was big sun in Italy, but the lake was freezing cold.
Like, 4 times colder than our normal swimming pool in Malaysia.
Did she make her way back alive? I doubted.

Strolled at the morning market
They look fake, don't they?
Love how they name their streets, all started w/ Via.
 Cool isn't it?
A zillion times cooler than this.
Restaurant on the lake! Italian sure know how to enjoy life.
Bought some fried stuff and we headed back where we started, and guess what?
The girl made her way back alive! Bravo, Senorita!
An alley w/ painted art
Remember I mentioned that Homer is everywhere? Here's another one in Italy!
But who would bother eating donuts when we have gelato?
On our way to catch the ship
Typical Italian scenery, houses on the hills :)
What a happy family!
Hopped on the ship and here we are at another island which I didn't even bother to ask the name.
Cute pinky car spotted!
Aunt's random idea to snap a quick picture at somebody's house,
was so afraid that the owner might come out and start yelling hah!
Italians are really loud and fully of exaggerated facial expressions, you know.
James looking like zombie and our body guard at the same time LOL!
Cappucino and really weird iced coffee. 
There was banana gelato at the bottom which made the coffee tastes sour . 
What were they thinking?! Weird Italian.
The last day in Italy, I think it was still Lago di Garda if I'm not mistaken.
People doing everything under the huge sun.
Reading, napping, talking, playing, flirting.
Certainly not my fascination, I don't enjoy the sun.
Aunty you so wild!
Feeding the seagulls, ducks and swans.
There was no shed as I've mentioned, people there love sun.
So it left me no choice but to stand under the sun.
However, it was windy so I didn't really feel the heat so I was fine w/ it,
until I found out that I look like an Filipino after the trip....
Doesn't matter, had fun!
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away.
I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is.


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