Young Heart Chinese Cuisine

*it was a cold rainy night, therefore this low quality picture*
I'm pretty sure most of you have seen this logo before.
Located at Cantonment Road, Pulau Tikus. Opposite of the popular Jenny cakehouse.
It was my first time here. And all this time, I thought it was a Vegetarian restaurant hah!
That's why, never judge a book by it's cover.
The cozy and relaxing ambiance I fell in love w/ once I stepped in.
 All those greens, pebbles, warm lighting and mini water fountain,
giving you a sweet escape from gossip, stress and pollution.
 It's the best place for almost all occasion.
Family dinner, afternoon tea, study and even better, meditation.
The idea of their logo originated from this leaf :)
Private room upstairs, best for family gathering
The reflection of plum flower on the glass, pretty ain't it?
Serving healthily hearty food is the main concept of this restaurant.
So no worries of excessive oil, salt, sugar, colouring, preservative and etc that are unhealthy.
Even the desserts are healthily tempting!
We were here for this deal, click for details.
 6 Course Healthy Dinner
 #1 Water cress and pork dumpling, comes w/ 
homemade chili sauce, fried onion and ginger on vinegar.
 #2 Braised pig trotter w/ peanuts, comes w/ peas and carrots too.
#3 Braised brinjal, unlike those oily ones you find outside. Good for your blood vessels.
Don't like brinjal? Guarantee you would fall for this once you tasted it!
#4 Gula Melaka chicken, sounds weird I know. Surprisingly yummy, especially the gravy! 
#5 Black bean jelly(w/ black sesame), not really for me as it wasn't sweet as I expected.
Oh well, speaking of healthy, I should really reduce my consumption of sugar.
#6 Showu & lotus seed, good for your skin.
Not to forget there will also be 4 bowls of rice!
Serve 4 person or even 5 if you can't eat much at once like me.
It was RM76.67, now RM48. Deal or no deal?
Just wanna grab a bite? Here's another deal!
 Click for details.
Buy 1 Free 1 homemade dumplings for only RM8.70, 10 varies type to be chosen from!
*Can be used together w/ the 6 Course Dinner coupon!

Grab your deal now, coupons are limited!


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