Trick or Treat?

 Super late one, boohoo.
A break from vacation post, how about that?

Halloween- As on Wikipedia, also known as All Hallows' Eve,
 a yearly holiday observed around the world, on 31st October. A festival honoring the dead.
To me, it's a day in a year which everyone dress up to be someone else, someone they are not.

It was the very first Halloween party I've ever attended. The best part was, w/ my family!
Me w/ my vampire and pirate brothers(sorry the flash was too strong!)
Even my parents dressed up too! Dad as zorro, Mom as witch,
 no pictures of the two camera-shy though.
On the way to the party room, the spooky setting was truly fascinating.
Some of the deco creeped me out a little; Look at all those cute little Jack-o-Lanterns!
Sneaked out some of them w/o anyone noticing heh(such a big baby)
The host, dad's friend. He's so much fun!
And I forgot I wasn't supposed to smile hah! Love my huge badass wand?
 Hostess on the left, she's such a wonderful wife :)
"I love throwing parties, because I love seeing people smile", she said.
 I can't recall what the lady on the right dressed up as, any idea?
Spot the cute baby sailor? Awww....
The party started w/ scrumptious food from Eden catering, and followed by some games.
Unfortunately, all of them were for kids :(
The winner got the World's Largest Chocolate Bar, all the way from Dubai.
Apple bobbing, seems easy but it wasn't at all.
Smash the pinata and grab all those candies!
  Trolling vampire taking a break
DJs in the house yo!

Had losta fun dancing to Thriller, Macarena which reminds me much of my childhood,
Rain Over Me w/ me brothers, and most importantly, all those candies!


  1. what are you supposed to be for halloween? A devil??

  2. the red horns, wand and evil make up, whatcha think?

  3. So few pictures of you! At first i thought you were a red bull.

  4. Yea red bull, great you could relate that hah! I'm afraid people might be bored of my face so... heh.

  5. No they wont :D

  6. Nobody's interested in it, except you haha!

  7. yea, cause i miss you badly and reading your blog brings me closer to you :P btw, Hi im anonymous lol

  8. We've been really close then since I've been updating so often? LOL! I know who you are lar anonymous..

  9. yes yes! Please do update more often so that we can be even closer hehe


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