Sunshine in Basel

One of the popular cities in Switzerland, the city where Becca lives in.
Had been travelling from Kaiseraugst to Basel frequently throughout my trip.
Woke up extra early that morning just to have breakfast at Manor.
My very salty/yellowish kick-start of the day. Egg, ham chunks and rosti, a bad combination.
Including the kiwi juice, it costs RM44.
Aunt's healthy hearty breakfast, should've ordered this!
Strolling around the mall; Yoda I want your lightsaber pretty pretty please!
Homer is everywhere in Europe, so is Hey Jude. The Europeans love Simpsons and The Beatles!
Rathaus, Basel's town hall. Does Rathaus mean red house or rat house? Lol!
Sophisticatedly pretty chocolates!
Sonic is that you?
Church meeting; I realized I tend to do this when I'm out of poses hah!
All-Bar-One, that night when I got sick :(
Took a long walk home instead of taking the tram; Mid-Rhine Bridge, beautiful isn't it?
The blue lights were in memories of Claudia who committed suicide under the bridge.
The day when Switzerland got warm, didn't even need the sweather!
Love weather like this, makes me wanna sing My Girl.
Told Becca that I was depressed for not being in most of the pictures I took previously,
so it was picture day! Best day for picture indeed, all those sunshine :)
Artistic fountain w/ weird steel structures infront of a creepy church.
Huge rotating Birkenstock spotted across the road
Me through the tram
Swiss people are super fans of cheese.
Don't get why they love this baked cheese pie. It smells and tastes horrible to me.
Lunch at this exquisite restaurant Latini
Couldn't stand the sun so we moved in hah!
My aglio olio and her cheese baked pasta w/ spinach. Don't underestimate them, super scrumptious!
Sorry for my bad/awkward posture
Gorgeous her who doesn't wanna take any more pictures.
Big thanks to her for spending time w/ me despite all those stress over her studies :)


  1. Who are those pretty ladies in the photos? Elegantly petite.

  2. There were only me and my cousin in this post. So, who are you talking about? :D


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