Milan, City of Scam

By judging the title, bet you could smell my experience in Milan wasn't that great.

Woke up at 4.30am, uncle was the one driving, together w/ my aunt and 2 cousin brothers. 
Snoozed all the way, and when I woke up, we arrived in Milan!
And we were so lucky that they were having this long dreadful marathon which never
seemed to end, most of the roads were blocked. The noob GPS wasn't helping at all.
We waited in the car like forever; So cute and handsome! :)
Parked our car by the street and started the dreadful walk.
The streets in Milan stink as people pee wherever they want! I think.
Bicycles for rent
An old castle or museum thingie. I'm bored of these old buildings already, aren't you?
St. Paul or something
The must-go Duomo Milano, and it was the place I got scammed.
So me and my uncle were done taking pictures and preparing to leave, 2 guys approached us.
One macho, another black, asking if we want bird seeds to feed the pigeons.
My uncle gave them that offended stare,
then the macho put the bird seeds on my hand. That's me posing in confusion hah!
After this picture, expectantly, the macho asked for money.
So I was thinking, the bird seeds won't be costing more than like, 50 cents?
And guess how much he asked for?

20 Euro.
20 friggin Euro which converts to 84 friggin Ringgit for bird seeds!
So I handed him 2 Euro, but he insisted me giving him 20 Euro.
My uncle then said NO and gave them a straight stare and we quickly walked away.

I don't think I'm the first victim though, my uncle told me Milan is notorious for that.
Why there's no one stopping them for doing that?!
Those scumbags, I curse ask God to have mercy on you!
Learned my lesson. Once again,
Always research on the place before you go.

Okay, proceed w/ my horrible trip.
A street w/ famous art work.
Lunch at Caffe Milano
My carbonara, the one I had at Annabelle's was better than this.
And this is Italy........
And the worst part was, we went on a Sunday,
 when almost all of the boutiques were closed.
Could you feel how disappointed I was?
And forget about the Milan fashion week,
 I didn't see anyone dressed up fashionable at all.
So instead of City of Fashion, I named it City of Scam.
Or maybe I went at the wrong time, or wrong place, bumped into the wrong people.
The one and only thing that makes me happy, gelato. Which I was too pissed to have any.
Anyway, only this post is full of hatred though.
Please do stay tuned for my next post in Lago di Garda :)

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