Interlaken, Switzerland

Few days later since the lake at Bodensee, here I was at another lake.
Look how clear the water is!
Woke up at 7.30am, rushed to the train station to meet up w/ my cousin Johnson's girlfriend, Petra.
It was her only day off and she was willing to bring me around, aww... :)
It was awkward when we first met. We just waved to each other instead of doing
their tradition of hugging and 3 kisses. I can't speak German at all, she has very limited English.
Was so worried that we wouldn't have anything to talk about but it turned out okay.
 Taught her a little English and Chinese while she taught me a little German on the train hah!
While waiting for our ride at Thun, we visited this castle w/ Casper
Rapunzel, lay down you hair!
Meet the princess w/ her prince and son, not to forget the friendly ghost.
Cheesie cheese, they stink so bad!
And here comes our ride, off to Interlaken!
I think besides the two of us, the rest of the passangers are all old!
I guess the Swiss live longer, as the life there is more relaxed, good food, clean water and environment :)
Those uncles thought I was taking picture of them and would'nt stop smiling for me
Finally, a picture of her. A girl who is obsessed w/ Hello Kitty
 Tried to find if I have any in my purse, ended up giving her a Doraemon band-aid.
 Close enough, right?
3 most important alps in Interlaken. Jungfrau, Eiger, and Mönch, if I'm not mistaken.
all-time-fav on the ship :)
We walk; Random shop and restaurants along the street, spot the Korean restaurant?
That seemed really fun!
Came across this pet shop and so wanna bring this fluffy back!
Almost died of its cuteness when it looked at me *awwww*
Nothing much to do there, just breathtaking sceneries.
 She kept saying I don't can't which frustrates me so much until she had to write can't on her palm hah!
On our way back to Thun
A typical Korean and a Malaysian Dumpling.
She was tired of cam-whoring and asked for my help.
And we're using the same camera, what a coincidence!
She was so surprised that I knew she's a Korean from her face hah.
So I showed off some simple Korean  and she was totally impressed #flipshair
And that's why we have this picture! :) 
Just simply gorgeous :)
Recommended her some Korean songs. To my surprise, she knows SNSD and 2NE1!
Cute little purple boat
So romantic :)
Arriving Thun while watching ducks ducking away from the ship.
Had dinner before we went back to Basel, sweet candy pillar and ceiling.
Ordered rosti again! Swiss rosti is the best! :)
Eating in Switzerland is expensive I must say, this simple dinner costs us RM200.
They charge 4.50 franc, which is RM18 for plain water!
The dessert menu. Add 1.8 franc, which is RM7.20 for whipped cream!
So, please appreciate those free cream you got from Coffee Bean!
Took the 11pm train, and we called it a day with a hug :) It's amazing that we got so close during this 16 hours.
 From waving awkwardly to each other to talking about everything, listening to the iPod together,
complimenting each other(sincere ones, not sarcasm), making fun of people we see and etc.
Can't wait for her to come Malaysia and bring her to eat and buy all those Hello Kitty hah! :)


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