Every teardrop is a waterfall

 Located in Basel, Switzerland. It means waterfall, but strange thing was I didn't see any.
Walked some distance up the hill to catch cable car w/ aunt and Jerry,
some shots I took to ignore Jerry who wouldn't stop complaining.
#1- Sun covered by the clouds. It's like God is coming hah!
#2- Man plucking apples in the garden, as seen on TV :D
#3- Those masks on the old house reminds me of Slipknot.
#4- Booth promoting garden deco, having a presentable garden is neccessity to Europeans.
I asked him to take pictures of me, look at what I get..
So I decided to cam-whore.
I salute those who cam-whore all the time, it's so tiring and hard to get a good shot.
Hopped on the cable car, up up here we go!
On top of the hill; Then only I realized it's a place for adventurous activities.
 Wasn't prepared for that, there goes the inappropriate outfit.
One useful advice: Always survey about the place before you go.
Didn't want to take the cable car again, so we rent this trotti-bike.
The guy at the counter asked am I already 16 y/o, totally made my day :)
No, that's not my hand.
We had fun riding down the hill, everything went well until I fell sideway at the end-point.
Sinful sweet stuff to end the some sorta adventurous day hah!


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