A day at the zoo

Isn't this heavenly? Flock of pinky flamingos!
*Disclaimer: Skip this post if you're not interested in animals.
 Spent the afternoon w/ Jerry at the zoo, apparently he was even more excited than I was.
Look at him dancing while running to the entrance :)
Figuring out which way to go. The zoo is pretty huge that we got lost later on.
We actually rushed into the Aqua House once we got in, to see something really cute!
 But I'll blog about it later as it's the best part so you will continue scrolling till the end.
Why doesn't real life bear look the same w/ teddy bear? This looks scary
 Couple tortoise having a rendezvous under a tree, romantic ain't it?
I didn't know baa baa the black sheep is real! And it's adorable :)
European kids are fearless
This cute little girl waving goodbye to the goat, awww :)
 Ridonculous donkey, or zebra.
Something like reptile/insects house w/ these huge cactuses
Had goosebumps when I see these.
What you looking at?
Look at the chubby fluffy rat! I'm gonna die.
And not a single F was given that day.
We had fun chasing the peacocks
Fluffy llamas are so cool and cute!
My camera died on me after this picture. So there will be no tigers,giraffes and elephants.
And finally, the Aqua House!
Me and Jerry had a mission, which was
You ready?
First one spotted, mini Patrick!
Huge Patricks; Look at those beautiful corals!
Spot Gary the snail? Meow
Mr Krab looking for money
Too bad, no Spongebob :(
Apart from all those, we found
Durian fish
Ninja fish
Creepy pipe fish which doesn't swim but just stare all day
What a happy fish hah!
Ugly yet adorable fish
And here comes the best part
Could I please please please adopt one?
Wouldn't stop aww-ing, so were the kids beside me :)
Look at the all black furry one LOL!
And socially awkward penguin was there! The forever alone one at the bottom
He just stood there, stared into the water, watched his friends swimming away.
Awww whats your problem pengu?
'I can't see my forehead', he says.
Awkward penguin is awkward.


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