Bodensee, Germany

 Say bye to October, Big wave to welcome November!

After a hectic week and slacking off,I'm finally blogging about my vacation.
Just a not-so-important declaration:
I didn't really dress up throughout the trip. In fact, I didn't dress up at all.
Couldn't stand the cold weather and allergies got really severe.
So, bare w/ me looking like a big fat dumpling and the boring repeating outfit.
Oh and, I discovered Picnik on Picasa which is so awesome that made me hate myself for not realizing it earlier when
it was always there. So most of the pictures are edited, except for natural sceneries.
The beauty of nature shall be reserved!
It was the second day of my trip, had to wake up at 7am and catch the train while suffering from
jet-lag and period pain. A bad way to start a vacation,
it made me think that my entire vacation would suck, but luckily it turned out fine :)
Toasting early in the morning! Oh well, it's Germany.
w/ Ying Ying
Figuring out which way to explore; Becca posing for me :)
Beautiful buildings and houses everywhere
 And creepy churches too, definitely not my fascination
Gee, thanks!
Very first gelato in Germany! Even the gelato guy is so cute....
Music note pasta!
Brunch at a cozy coffee house along the long crowded street
The spaghetti was surprisingly horrible
This is what I've been wanting to do, a nap after sipping coffee at a great ambience coffee house.
How nice if I could do that everyday? #stopdreaming
The people; And they seemed to notice me, did I make it that obvious?
Mini playground out of nowhere
There was some sorta parade, probably for Oktoberfest.
 And I did see hot Germans wearing those traditional costumes w/ beer, looking/walking like they're wasted
Aww granny you so cute!
 Off to Lindau, the one w/ beautiful lake.
 A horrible picture of me to break the good momentum
 The next day, hunting for food; Colorful umbrellas!
Bistro by the lake
Pistachio flavour!
Rosti and white sausage served w/ pretzel
Thanks for everything

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