Oh My Love!

Hi love!
She was back from KL again, transportation is cheap huh?
Anyway, had our rendezvous again!
And I think Straits Quay is our fav dating spot hah!
Didn't have any idea where to chill, until she stopped at Kaffa.
I was like, didn't you tell me that this restaurant is like, really lousy?
But she insisted to go in anyway.....

It was this damn comfy couch which attracts her and yea, had to listen
to her complaining how suck the restaurant is all day long........

I know this doesn't show any lousiness at all. Well, once again,
Never judge a book by its cover.

Mango Pudding Cake and Hot Mocha
I'm not sure if it's just us or the cake seriously made us sick..
And i don't want Doraemon on my coffee lar, it's not even cute!

I was okay with this, coz i was craving for chips!
But there goes her never ending complaint hah!
Worst Restaurant Ever, she claimed.
And suggested me to put that as the title, but I'm not that mean lar

My usual face
No idea what I was trying to do

Contrast facial expression hah!

Look at her ring!*sssshhhhiiinnnngggg*
I didn't edit it i swear!

And guess who won the Bobbi Brown contest and going to sing
Empire State of Mind in New York?
Check the link out!

Seriously so proud of you, my love!
Hope our love doesn't fade away as you're on your way to fame ♥

End the post with this song, spontaneously weird I know.

Till then
*I mean if Wong Vivian is ever going to date me out again HAH!*


  1. this former barista is complaining on the Doraemon huh...must be she wants a perfecto one!

  2. No.. Doraemon isn't suppose to be on my coffee.. At least they give me a bear :(