Family time, best time #1

Say hello to August!
A lot will be coming up this month, it's going to be great!
Anyway, it's about the Ngo's from Switzerland in Penang.


This post will be flooded with this cutie pie!
Let the flood begin hah!

Family dinner at Yam Huat; love this shot!
KC looks so cute here!
Had to take turns to have a picture with him;
Aren't you melted by his cheekiness?
Isaribi, I don't get why is the artwork there in a Japanese restaurant;

uncle and aunt :)
too busy shooting pigs

Aren't you melted for the second time? That was James peeping by the way
Stonebay; now, try to imagine how fat am I...

Everyone except my dad who's taking this picture; I must be cracking stupid jokes
Look at Jerry w/ his Gyarados hah!

They were here for only 2 weeks, didn't spend alot of time w/ them as I'm working
Will pay them a visit in September, can't wait!

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