Hello World!

Very first post here, warmest welcome :)
 Jennifer, 21 y/o from Penang, Malaysia.
Currently taking off from studies.
Clumsy, reckless and lazy describes me best. I bash into stuff and hurt myself for no reason.
I enjoy doing nothing, staring into space, while unicorns flying in my head.
You could call me weird as I make almost every situations awkward by going speechless.
(so prepare for #theawkwardmoment if you ever meet me)
Love Fashiontoast Rumi Neely, she's undeniably awesome!
Although I might talk/act/walk like a dude at times, I love cute stuff like all girls do.
I have a smelly bear which I couldn't get rid of.
I have dreams which may seem ridiculous, but I got excited just by talking about them.
Follow my blog to know more about me!

And thanks for your precious time for reading this pretty useless introduction.


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