The BFF's 21st

*love my old look? LOL*
I couldn't help but burst out laughing everytime I see this picture.
It was 3 years ago, when me and YS had cold war so often
while Jeslyn couldn't do anything but stuck in the middle LOL

She didn't change like at all, did she? :)

the monkey boyfriend who always get some from me ;)
I remembered how shock I was and overreacted
when I knew she has a boyfriend HAHA! No offense okay!
You got no idea how hopeless she was when she talked about relationship.

I love this picture so so much!♥

tall people certainly doesn't know all those tricks shorty does.
But I thought you watch a lot of SNSD?

w/ the birthday girl, Qing and Mag :)

her entire family was there

and that's me acting like I've found some

the-originally-brown-hair-girl who is very rich recently,
look at her gadgets!
By the way, just fyi, she's Yong2 hah!

and here comes the best part of the night :D
So colorful!

What a happy family :)

high-school-mates;cousies;Starbucks crew :)

pretty purple champagne

and I captured the popping bottles in the ice moment!

BFF since 14, that's 7 years man!
People change, but you remain the same.
I still remember the first thing you said to me when we knew each other,
you got no idea how much it meant to me :')
No matter what you choose to do in the future,
just follow your heart.
The world might be deceiving, but be true to yourself
No matter what, just be yourself
Oh right,


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