Sarang Chae No More, It's Now Cafe Moim

If you're devastated that Sarang Chae is closed for business forever 
or if you just want a good Korean meal,
 hear ye, hear ye! They have an outlet in Bayan Baru!
Cafe Moim has been up and running for a year now, catering especially people working in Bayan Baru / Bayan Lepas. 
I just realized I go there almost once a week can you believe it lol
Just in case you're wondering, 모임(moim) means 'gathering' in Korean. 
Compared to Sarang Chae, Cafe Moim is casual and smaller but food is amazing as usual! 
 Start the meal with the side dishes. There'll only be four side dishes served and you're only allowed to refill once. 
I know many people complain about this because other Korean restaurants give bottomless side dishes
but no other Korean restaurants have side dishes as good as they do. Quality over quantity, always!
Kimchi Jeon [RM16.90]
Basically kimchi pancake, a personal favorite. Remember to dip it in the sauce at the side!
Samgyetang [RM39.90]
ginseng chicken soup with red dates, whole young chicken and rice
A healthy option of stew if you're not up for something slightly spicy like kimchi stew or suntofu stew.
You'll love it if you love herbal soup! 
Do note that this doesn't come with separate rice since the rice is already in the soup
Dolsot Bibimbap [RM21.90]
rice with meat and vegetable in hot pot
One of the most common Korean dishes that serves as a poke bowl to me lol.
Japchae [RM24.90]
stir-fried nooddle with vegetables and shrimp 
The japchae portion here is rather small so it's best for one person instead of sharing.
Peach Cocktail Makgeolli [RM24.90]
apple / grape / grapefruit flavors available too
Sparkling Korean rice wine that comes in different flavors. It's a little sweet and bitter, just like life.
This is just half of the original portion, I asked the lady boss to make it into two glasses for me and my brother.
Hotteok [RM5.90]
pastry cake stuffed with seed and sugar
They didn't have this back at Sarang Chae. It was completely new to me and I would order it every time now :D
It's a sweet, chewy pancake stuffed with sunflower seeds and brown sugar.
Go for their lunch special that doesn't hurt your wallet that much :)If you can't get enough of their sides dishes, you can always buy some home!Cafe Moim
Facebook page
04-370 9055
Opening hours
Monday to Friday, Sunday
11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
11am - 3pm
1-1-3A, Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang

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