HKC Plaza Penang

HKC Plaza opened its door in Penang and I've no idea why I looked much happier than I should.
Definitely not botox!
Ivan Lim, CEO of HKC Group giving his speech
 HKC or Hankook Korean Skin Aesthetics opens its first flagship store in Malaysia or to be exact, Penang. 
A Singaporean entity, the company manages up to 50 affiliated salons and its own franchise as well as license outlets 
excluding its sales avenues (agents, distributors, affiliates, ecommerce, departmental stores and retail points). 

They’ve been around for more than 10 years specifically in manufacturing, trading, 
wholesale supply of Korean beauty brands for consumers and professional use.

YB Yeoh Soon Hin gracing the opening ceremony
 HKC concentrates on cell and skin regeneration instead of extraction on the surface 
which made them stood out among the rest of the beauty salons. 
 Food served at the opening

Among many services that they provided, these two are the featured ones: 

- 90 minutes Intensive Korea Beauty Treatment consist of 7 hugely sought after intensive
beauty therapies; Hydrating, Purifying, Anti Acne, Rejuvenating, De-Sensitizing, Dewy
Glow Brightening Detoxifying and Lifting & Contour Refining. An in-depth program
targeting on various skin conditions caused by physiological and biological changes to
bring the skin back to equilibrium at a cellular level
- 3D Massage & Enhancement features massage technology targeted to relieve muscle
aches & tension for shoulder, back, abdomen, upper thighs or upper arms area

Promotion ending soon!
Make your appointment today and be beautiful!
Huge thanks to Aida from Promedia for the invitation :)

HKC Plaza Penang
26N Jalan Masjid Negeri, 11600 George Town, Penang

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