E&O Hotel - Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner

 It's the time of the year to have steamboat for at least 2 consecutive days! 
So Chinese New Year is coming sooner than you think and I haven't gotten any bright clothes for Day1.
Pretty much screwed cause if you know me well, my wardrobe consisted with only black, grey and blue.
Well I have some green and pink too but they're not meant for house visiting.

Enough about my first world problem, most families would have the headache of running to 
wet market to get their steamboat supplies which could be a real pain. 
We used to always go to our aunt's house on CNY's eve for family steamboat but that tradition
died as my aunt was just too tired of all those preparation. 
So if your family has the same issue that mine has, fret not cause here's a saviour!

I'm already sold when I saw the crab and salmon!
Not kidding, I could be satisfied just by refilling my plate with salmon over and over again.
My odd behaviour aside, you'll be spoilt at this buffet spread as there are 25 seafood dishes alone!
They have everything here - Flower crab, fish maw, red snapper, cuttle fish, crab claw,
bamboo mussel, prawn, sea cucumber, clams and more!
All the meat for carnivores like me! The only thing that's lacking is pork but I can definitely live with that.
Don't forget your veges too okay? As well as mushrooms and moderate carbs. They have udon here!
Look at all the condimentsss! 13 of them to be exact! 
There are desserts too, doesn't Chinese tea chiffon cake sounds exciting to you?
The all-you-can-eat buffet dinner starts from 15 to 17 Feb at Sarkies Corner priced at 
RM129.60nett per adult and RM64.80 per child
So what are you waiting for? 
Save the trouble shopping at the wet market and boiling broth,
bring you family here for a merry prosperity time!
E&O Hotel Penang
04-222 2000 (ext3151/3139) | fbcentral.resv@eohotels.com
10 Lebuh Farquhar 10200 George Town Penang

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