G Hotel Gurney Makeover | Duplex Room

Pretentious caption: Life is a dash. Pause in the present, enjoy this moment.
Honest caption: Should've turned the yellow light off.

The reputable G Hotel Gurney has gone through a RM35million facelift,
bringing your staycation and business trip to a whole new level.
Situated in the heart of George Town, this hotel is by far the most convenient hotel that I know in the city.
Why? It's sandwiched between two shopping malls, namely Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon,
both within walking distance, where you can get everything done without traveling much.
Me likey, cause me lazy to move around.
Not only all the 312 rooms got a makeover, the furnitures are now upgraded to Herman Miller
with a mix of Minotti and Porada while all rooms are equipped with luxurious Serta bed.
And a very important thing to note, they have the fastest wifi speed among all hotels in Penang!
Now, before I show you my fabulous room that I went a little cray with, 
here are all the categories of rooms that G Hotel has to offer!
Deluxe Room
Executive Suite
XL Suite
Comes with a living room, 2 bed rooms and kitchen, perfect for those who plans to stay in this city
for a longer period of time or those who wants to do laundry and cook on their own.

G Suite
The holy grail of all rooms, my jaw dropped when I entered the bathroom.
It's so posh I cannot! Personally think this room is perfect for couple photoshoot! 
There are two basins, the couple can both brush their teeth together and look at each other while they do that.
Isn't that a great idea? Yes it is.
And there's a tv in front of the bathtub! I think my boyfriend wouldn't mind sleeping here at all.

And yes, a huge walk-in wardrobe!

They are not stingy on their tolietreis at all. 
Using Appelles, a luxury Australian skin care brand that blends science with essential oil.
Not only it is kind to the skin, it also gives a soothing scent that calms the mind.
Don't you feel atas already?
And this is the room we stayed in that I love love love love!
Living in a penthouse has always been my dream since I was young, 
I think I visited my parents' friend's penthouse one day and fell in love with it.
The duplex is very spacious, loving the simplicity designs that are very Instagram-worthy!
You can easily guessed that my favourite part of the room is the bathtub haha.
It is visible from the first floor so be sure to close the blinds when you rub a dub dub.
Very sweet of them to not forgetting bath salt so that I don't have to bring my own.
Yes I usually bring my own bath salt to hotel stays lol
Brought my own candles because I'm romantic like that.
Of course I seized the opportunity to take a backlight shot in front of the windows overlooking Gurney Drive.
Do not underestimate this chair, it costs RM1,000 each!
As I have mentioned, they're bringing your staycation to the next level,
you can choose from 4 different types of pillow of your preference.
This service is just over the top!
All VIP rooms come with a fruit basket and sweet treat. 
We were brought straight to our room for check in, beating the queue at the lobby!
So happy that we have coffee machine in the room! Sorry that the photo is blur.
I was too excited that I shouted to my boyfriend who was on the second floor
that we have a coffee machine, without expecting him to reply,
"Yea, there's one on the second floor too". Say whaaaat
You know since I was young my mom always told me not to touch anything in the mini bar 
because not only they're chargeable but they're also ridiculously overpriced too.
But here at G Hotel, everything in the mini bar is free and guess what? Refillable!
What is there not to love about this hotel seriously
Okay I'm not lame for taking this photo, just want you all to know that they have this 
bluetooth clock cum speaker where you can connect it with your phone and play songs!
Seems like nothing to shout about but music is very important to some people you know
Checking out their infinity pool on the 3rd floor, where the gym, spa and hair salon are.
Do you know that they share facilities with G Hotel Kelawai? 
Which means, if you don't like the pool or gym at this hotel, you can actually
go to the ones at G Hotel Kelawai. This is simply amazing.
If you're not impressed with this hotel yet, here's something very cool if you're staying on the executive floor -
The snacks and drinks at the executive lounge is complimentary from 6pm to 8pm everyday.
When I say drinks, they include wine and champagne!
Nachos, chorizo and a glass of bubbly with a view, life is too damn good.
Buffet breakfast at the Taste Cafe on the ground floor.
Sweeping selection of food from local cuisine to Chinese and Western,
love that they have fresh juice and waffles!
Alternatively, for those who stays on the executive floor, you can opt to have your breakfast
at the executive lounge. Choice of food is lesser but privacy is guaranteed.
And you can breakfast with a view!
I had an amazing time staying with G Hotel as you can see gazillion photos were taken in this bathtub haha.
Huge thanks to G Hotel for making me feel like a king and Annie for the hotel tour!
Now book a room with the link below!

G Hotel Gurney
168A Persiaran Gurney Penang
04-238 000


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