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Credits to Kimtography
 In this digital age which we often call it era yang canggih in our Malay essay papers,
everybody does online shopping nowadays, especially introverts like me,
cause that means I don't have to dress up, put on a smile and
go out to the world just to buy something. 
If you're shopping online, but you're not getting any money back, then you're shopping the wrong way!
If you haven't heard, ShopBack has made its way to Malaysia!
I first learnt about this shopping site from some Singaporean Youtubers, 
didn't pay too much attention into it as I thought they're only available in Singapore but here it is!
Before I start talking about what exactly it is, perhaps you should watch this short video to get an idea first!
With that said, ShopBack is a site that provides cashback for online shopping
where you literally get real money back when you shop from their site!
They have thousands of brands available on the site including
Groupon, Lazada, AirAsia, Agoda, Zalora, Sephora, eBay and they're established
in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia so it's absolutely legit!
Not only cashback, but they special discount codes exclusively for ShopBack only that you can't find anywhere else!
So without further ado, I shall show you how exactly does this work!
Go to their website to register yourself an account.
Start browsing their website by going into the categories at the side bar or
you can also check out the popular stores on the main page
or just simply search for the brands you are looking for.
For me, I went for my favorite, trust-worthy Zalora!
They're offering 12% cashback for new user, 4% for existing user, that's a lot for the newbies!
But of course, I've been shopping with them since two years ago so
I'm entitled for a 4% cashback which is good enough!
Click into SHOP NOW and you will be directed to Zalora's website, exactly like how you usually shop!
I have been obsessing with playsuit recently so I got two pieces this time!
So after you have done selecting your items, proceed to pay as usual.
There's no special code to get the cashback!

Within 10 minutes, the cashback was credited into my account!
That was surprisingly quick! And please appreciate the mini firework that I drew okay.
Click into CASHBACK DETAILS and you can see the details of your purchase.
Do note that different merchant has different payout period so you gotta be patient.
Credits to Kimtography
Oh yes, this was one of the playsuits that I purchased! 
I can't stress how happy I was to buy stuff that I like and getting money back!
It's too good to be true.
So what if you don't shop for clothes? They have many travel partners on their site!
C'mon, everyone travels at some point of their life.
Look at the great deals here, you get 1% cashback for flights, 8% for hotels
and RM66 for packages! Get cashback on top of Expedia coupons.

After all, it's free money! There's no hidden cost or they mark up the price on their site but no, I checked.
The price is exactly the same from the brand's site and on ShopBack.
It's scientifically proven.
You might think that what can this small amount of money do but this is the best example of
sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit!
You imagine if you're like me, shopping at Zalora every month.You spend RM100 everytime,
so you will get 4% cashback, which amounting to RM4 each month,
6 months later, you will receive RM24, for doing NOTHING!

So what are you waiting for? 
Start shopping now by clicking into this link to get RM5 in your account after you made your first purchase!
ShopBack Malaysia
+03 2630 8438


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