Longevity Recipe Hasma Penang 养生雪蛤屋

When you age so fast like me, it's time to do something about it!
This time no steamboat, burger or pastries but something to do with beauty!
*drumrolls* It's hasma!
The name might not be familiar to most as people(referring to Chinese) calls it xut kap in Cantonese.
Ring a bell now?
Silly me has always thought that hasma is originally transparent! Please drop a comment if you're like me too!
Hasma, also known as the Northeast Forest Frog has been documented to be eaten for thousands years in history.
It was listed as a royalty gift during the Qing Dysnasty and Ming Dynasty.
It has also earned the reputation of "soft gold" and "animal ginseng" in the medical science.
Longevity Recipe is a newly established home business run by a
beauty enthusiast who believes in eating healthy.
Many might not know but some tong shui places use second-class crushed hasma or bred bullfrog but here, they're using whole hasma from Mount Paektu so quality is guaranteed!
Longan Hasma
American Ginseng Hasma
Hasma contains estradiol and other substances that promote protein synthesis
in your body which improves resistance to foreign diseases.
In addition, it also releases collagen and amino acid after it is fully absorbed,
giving you a smooth, healthy and young skin. I totally need this! All girls need this!
If you are still not impressed, here are some benefits you will get from eating hasma:
- Whitening
- Skin nourishing
- Anti-fatigue
- Anti-anxiety
- Anti-aging
- Enhancing body's antioxidant capacity
- Enhance immunity
- Helps to fight cancer
- Increase of white blood cells
- Calming
- Improving body's endurance
Longan Hasma [RM25]
American Ginseng Hasma [RM30]
All hasma is made-to-order everyday so freshness is guaranteed.
Looking at the price and the amount you're getting, I sincerely think that this is very affordable.
I used to take powdered collagen which doesn't work anymore on my second packet
and eating hasma certainly is the safer and more natural way of getting collagen to achieve boink boink skin.
But of course, you can't expect to have nice skin overnight after only eating one time la.
It is suggested to eat twice per week for ultimate result. Take note that hasma is not suitable for kids.
They already have perfect skin anyway so hasma must be saved for lao yi like me.
If you're interested, do order 1 day in advance. Here are some t&c you must know:
Below 3 orders
RM5 delivery fee(Air Itam, Greenlane, Gurney, George Town, Jelutong) or
Self pick-up at the entrance of Mahindarama Buddhist Temple(Milk Buddha) in Kampar Road from 10am - 8pm
3 orders or more 
Free delivery to Air Itam, Greenlane, Gurney, George Town, Jelutong area

Huge thanks to Longevity Recipe for hosting and HH for taking pictures of me eating hasma hehe.
Find them on Facebook and order a lifetime supply of boink boink skin okay? 
Longevity Recipe 养生雪蛤屋
Facebook page
Opens daily 10am - 8pm
Mahindarama Temple, Jalan Kampar, 10460, Penang
012-425 7135(Whatsapp and Wechat)

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