Guo Xiang Fu Fish Head Steamboat 锅香府鱼头锅

Don't give up on love, as they always said, there are plenty of fishes in the sea.
In this case, there are plenty of deep fried fishes in a pot waiting for you to devour them.
Definitely my kind of fish.
Ever since we had the eye-opening seafood porridge two years back(omg time flies!), 
I have only been here once after the first visit as I'm not a huge steamboat fan(sorry!)
but I gotta say, they have the best tomyam soup base I have ever had in Penang!
You can read my previous post here
Anyway, two years later, we are back to sample something new in store!
Fish Head Steamboat [RM65]
I am in love with this pot even before I tasted it as it reminded me of the salted fish tofu soup my aunt used to make.
But of course, this is much more glorious than salted fish la
Boiled with deep fried grouper, tofu with a shot of brandy, I would go for this 
sweet, thick, flavorful fish head soup anytime over any other soup base.
It was certainly addictive, not to forget the fish, they were juicy!
The RM65 steamboat package includes the following:
Yu Wat Fish Ball, Sai Dou Fish Ball, Enoki, Fried Tofu Skin, Bee Hoon(2 servings) and Fish Fillets

We were told that the package could serve up to 3 person but it could absolutely
satisfy 4 person and even 5 if your group are consisted of all small eaters.
But if the side dishes are not enough for you, you can always order from the menu.
And oh, the soup is refillable so yes, order away from the menu! 
There are almost a hundred side dishes to choose from so if you have problem deciding, good luck hehe
 Scallop [RM12]
 Minced Pork Paste [RM6]

Cuttlefish [RM6]

Lamb Fillet [RM10]

Hock Chew Fish Ball [RM5]

Fish Egg Ball [RM6]

Dumpling [RM6.50]

Lotus [RM4.50]

Fish Mow [RM10]
 Deep Fried Enoki [RM6.50]
Part of the side dishes we ordered for the 6 of us the other night.
Just some of our recommendations but the deep fried enoki is a must-try!
It's more like an appetizer which we couldn't stop eating!
If you have no interest in the fish head steamboat(your loss), you must not miss this great deal -
RM19.90 only for two pax with two soup bases! 
Only available on Thursday and Friday.
And that's all folks!
Huge thanks to Guo Xiang Fu and Eric for hosting this sumptuous dinner for the 6 hungry ghosts!
锅香府特色火锅专卖店 Guo Xiang Fu Steamboat
Opens daily 5pm - 1am
012-409 7096 (Eric Ng)
10, Jalan Seang Tek, 10400 Georgetown Penang

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