Vino Vino Bistro Bay Avenue Penang - Revisit

Not sure to drink wine or sake? Why not both?
 Many would expect to savor some Italian goodness as they stepped into Vino Vino
only to be surprised with the food served that is actually Japanese, oishi umami Japanese food.
Being the largest wine and spirit distributor in Penang, they offer a sweeping selection
of wines, single malt, sake and sochu together their well-known yakitori.
If you didn't know, they serve the best yakitori in Penang!
Visited this place for the first time in 3 years ago, this revisit did not disappoint at all.
You can read my previous post here, the photos were so horrible #thankgodiveimproved
Tsukemono Mori (Pickles) [RM12] | Yasai (Assorted Vegetable) Stick [RM7]
For appetizers, we were served with assorted pickles and vegetable sticks.
These two also served as a cleaning agent to cleanse your palette,
 allowing you to taste your next dish better especially after one heavy dish.
Wakame Pirikara (Spicy Seaweed Salad) [RM8] | Hotate (Scallop) Carpaccio [RM16]
These small portions of appetizing nibbles were satisfying and absolutely opened up my appetit.
Love that they sprinkled chili flakes on the salad making the ordinary wakame salad flavorful
while the scallops were smooth and juicy.
 Uni (Sea Urchin) Sashimi [RM80]
I was skeptical when I saw this uni as the last time I had this(somewhere else) wasn't good
and I was a little traumatized by that experience but thank God, the one they serve here is fresh and creamy.
 Foie Gras Tapas [RM55]
I was giddy when I heard they were serving us foie gras, especially this well executed one!
Love that the dish comes with crackers and onion strips, which totally enhanced the foie gras' texture and flavor.
Soft , creamy foie gras, aromatic onion on crunchy cracker, this is simply brilliant!
Next we had wagyu ice-cream!
 Wagyu Kushi (Skewered Wagyu Beef) [RM36]
Of course we had to savor some good yakitori here, we were pampered with no ordinary yakitori, but wagyu beef!
Was a little bit worried that the beef was overcooked but it was juicy and tender!
 Taraba Gani (King Crab) [RM120]
My first time trying king crab, was impressed that it was cooked with salt only and tasted sweet.
Look at the huge piece of juicy flesh!
Hamachi Shio Yaki (Grilled Yellow tail) [RM49]
Another grilled goodness seasoned with salt only, the hamachi was a little dry to my liking.
Nevertheless, it was delectable.
 Iberico Buta (Black Pork) [RM68]
The meal ended with iberico that I haven't had for at least two years.
Juicy, flavorful and sided with a blop of good ol' Japanese potato salad,
love the colorful presentation which was an instant mood booster!
We had Japanese sake dispensed from a decanter, it was our first time seeing this and we had fun
refilling each other cups, just to play with the decanter and of course, to drink the sake.
We also had the 2008 Chateau Malmaison Baronne Nadine de Rothschild,
the aroma was a little harsh but ended with a smooth finish, pretty easy to drink.
Huge thanks to Vino Vino for extending the invite and Kim for taking the photos!
They are currently having a lunch promotion at RM13.50++ only which is a totally steal so if you haven't, do give them a try!
Vino Vino Bistro Bay Avenue
Facebook page
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday
12pm - 12am
Friday to Saturday
12pm - 1am
6pm - 12am
Block H-10-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 2, Bay Avenue, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang


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