Kizuna Japanese Restaurant Times Square Penang

Sashimi on the ship is the only relationship I'm committed in.
Okay serious now, Kizuna has established their second outlet at Times Square mall with
some picturesque decorations where every corner is a great spot for photos.
Before scrolling down, maybe you should check out my previous post here and here
to see how much I have improved in photography hehehe
The owner of the restaurant Kevin revealed that he had spent RM2.1 million in refurbishing the two-storey Japanese eatery, maintaining the place top notch not only applying to the food, but also the ambiance and surrounding.
Even the sashimis looked so real!
What I really love were these dolls that I've seen in one Pokemon episode, ahh my childhood memories.
There are 10 VIP rooms available, catering to private or big groups.
Wine cellar on the second floor offering an extensive selection of wine.
The bottle I'm holding in my hand is Auris, I was told that the restaurant is the only place in Penang that carries Auris.
Now let's go into serious business, food!
Shake Ikura Salad | Soft Kani Karaage & Shake Kawa Salad [RM25.90 each]
Both my favorite salad, the first one is with fresh salmon sashimi and salmon roe
with homemade refreshing wafu dressing while the other was crispy softshell crab
scattered with salmon skin and drizzled in homemade roasted creamy sesame dressing.
Shake Sashimi [RM30/5pcs] | Maguro Sashimi [RM40/5pcs] | Hamachi Sashimi [RM55/5pcs] | Hokkaido Hotate Sashimi [RM45/5pcs] | Aka Ebi Sashimi [RM50/5pcs] | Shiro Maguro Sashimi [RM35/5pcs]
I remember watching a Hong Kong movie where the kids went into a Japanese restaurant and 
were marveled at the sashimi served on ships. I was like those kids when I saw this.
Well-known for their fresh air-flown sashimi, Kizuna offers a wide variety of sashimi where you name it, you get it.
Among these, shiro maguro remained my favorite for its smooth, juicy and buttery texture.
Maguro Otoro Sashimi [RM160/5pcs]
Once again, we had the exquisite tuna belly that literally melt in your mouth. 
Unagi Cheese Roll [RM30.90] | Smoked Duck Roll [RM25.90]
8-pieces sushi roll for those who doesn't like it raw. Both very delectable, 
I prefer the latter topped with spicy mayo.
The topping tasted a little bit sourish but we were told that it's supposed to taste like that.
Don't worry, just put the entire sushi into your mouth and enjoy!
Ika Teriyaki [RM26.90]
Grilled imported jumbo squid with homemade sweet sauce, amazed by how chewy it is!
If sweet teriyaki is not your favorite, opt for shioyaki which is a lighter option.
Buta Amiyaki [RM23.90]
I know this looks like it has nothing to shout about but believe me, it's good!
If you don't believe me, believe the other bloggers, they think it's good too!
Wire mesh grilled sliced pork with homemade special sauce, soft and flavorful on the middle and crispy on the sides.
Kataifi Shrimp with Pumpkin Soup [RM55]
We all laughed when we saw this cute presentation, deep fried kataifi wrapped prawn
served with homemade pumpkin soup. It is an interesting dish where you dip the crunchy shrimp
into the creamy pumpkin soup added with mango.
Foie Gras [RM60]
Here comes my favorite foie gras! French premium grade imported goose liver pan seared with
homemade special sauce sitting on two thick slices of radish and sided with assorted mushroom.
It's like a little piece of France in Japan.
Black Cod to(with) Truffle Oil Shitake [RM60]
Grilled black cod fish sided with pan seared shitake mushroom with truffle oil,
the truffle fragrance definitely added points to this delectable dish!
Hokkaido Scallop to Caviar [RM85] | Salmon and Avocado to Caviar [RM80]
These two bite-size are small but absolutely satisfying. The first one would be seared Hokkaido scallop topped with premium grade caviar in ponzu sauce, love the zesty after taste from the ponzu and how juicy the scallop is.
The latter would be avocado and salmon wrapped in white radish and Japanese cucumber,
covered with wasabi dressing and topped with caviar.
Love the combination of texture and flavor, creaminess from the avocado and freshness from the salmon.
Botan Ebi Shioyaki [RM140]
Judging by the look, I was not impressed by this but I was proved wrong when I bite
into the sweet, juicy shrimp! This dish is not in menu and upon request only.
Pork Mayo Ramen | Buta Kakuni Ramen | Gengi Kara Ramen | Beef Chili Ramen [RM21.90 each]
If you're looking for something that fills the tummy, go for their ramen.
Of the four varieties that we tried, pork mayo would be my favorite with its flavorful meat broth and juicy stir-fried pork.
If you're up for a spicy challenge, go for the gengi kara as there are 20 spicy levels to choose from.
We only tried level 3 and we were crying already #loser
Uji Matcha | Chocolate | Vanilla Bran | Fresh Strawberry | Organic Black Sesame | Colombia Coffee [RM12/scoop]
They now have ice-cream for dessert, satisfying the sweet crave I usually have after every meal!
Ending this post with me standing under their sakura tree in the al-fresco area.
They have exciting stuff coming up such as container rooms catering to those who smokes as well as
omakase where the chef cut the fish in front of you at the bar. So stay tuned!
Huge thanks to Kizuna for the delicious treat!
Kizuna Times Square Penang
Facebook page
Opens daily 11:30am - 10:30pm
Penang Times Square, Ground Floor, 10150 George Town
04-370 0268 | 013-9469 796


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