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No idea what was I trying to prove but I just can't be normal and stand straight for a proper picture. Anyway
Was at a blogger party organised by Ido's Clinic at Bay Avenue, the stretch of shoplots located near the Gold Coast roundabout, this place isn't hard to find as you can see it from the main road.
Running under Apex Cosmeceutical, the company owns several brands including DermaK,
Nardia Laboratory and Medkare. They have 8 aesthetic clinics, 21 aesthetic salons
and 132 distribution salons and partners all over Malaysia and Singapore.
You can absolutely trust them as they have won numerous awards and recognition over the years.
So, what exactly do they do here?
The treatments that are available here at Ido's Clinic are extensive and I need all of them.
Laser, facial, slimming, botox, you name it they got it.
The party started with light refreshment (not in the photo obviously) and moved on to
a talk presented by Ido's Clinic's marketing manager Cherlyn introducing the background of the company.
And the party got a little more fun with a short treasure hunt game where some
Medkare products were hidden in the corners of the clinic.
So happy that I was given this Anti-Blemish Moisturizer that suits my skin :3
This thing costs RM200 by the way so yayyyy!
Later on was Beauty Without Knife sharing session by their clinical director Dr Tan Yee Fong.
Often when we talk about sculpting a person's face - higher nose bridge, bigger eyes, double eye-lids,
smaller, longer face, I would quickly jump to the conclusion that all that requires me flying to Korea and get my face all bloody and waking up to swollen face that even my mom can't recognise.
But beauty doesn't necessarily have to be that way, beauty can be achieved without knife
coming from laser and botox. I had so many doubts especially on botox and was glad that
Dr Tan explained one by one to us and I find botox acceptable now.
We were treated to see Carbon Peel Laser demonstration on one of their nurses.
I have been wanting to do laser but I've heard so much negative sides of it including burning your skin and leaving scabs on your face where you would be embarrased to step out of your house.
But with the latest technology, all those would not happen anymore where you look totally fine
after the laser treatment and you can head out without having to hide your face.
Despite the loud spark noises coming from the laser,
it doesn't hurt at all, just a small warm spot going around your face.
A layer of charcoal was applied on and the treatment brightens your face, minimizes pore and rejuvenate the skin.
Next was this nurse with her gum showing a little bit whenever she smiles.
We were showed the botox injection, I didn't know you could fix this by using botox!
Too amazing! I need to get myself injection in at least 10 spots on my face.
However, botox last for a maximum of 9 months so it is not a permanent fix.
Start making more money if you want a beautiful face.
The event adjourned with my resting bitch face.
Just kidding.
My favorite of the party would be this DIY your own skincare counter!
We were given the choice to choose from making moisturizer or toner, I picked moisturizer.
First, choose whether you want it to be gel base or cream base depending on your skin condition.
Mine is combination skin so I picked Light Cream.
Then, choose four essences from their many choices which I literally panicked a little cause there were just too many!
Then, select your favorite color. Personally thought it's weird to see color in moisturizer so I didn't use any hehe.
Last but not least, select the fragrance according to your horoscope!
The texture was peefect but unfortunately it could only last for 10 days as it does not contain any preservatives. 
Oh well, at least I had fun mixing and matching! Omg look at my double chin
Huge thanks to Ido's Clinic and Annise for inviting and Jeslyn for taking photos for me!
Ido's Clinic Queensbay Penang
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday 
10am - 8pm
Sunday and Public Holiday 
10am - 6pm
1-16-3, Lorong Bayan Indah 4, 11900 Bayan Lepas Penang
012-412 5992


  1. This place is damm expensive and will cost you more than RM20K once you walk into the premises. A lot of customer walk in and got to pay 5 figure amount end of the session

    1. It depends on what kind of package you get

  2. Good post. I am dealing with some of these issues as well..