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When I thought I couldn't get any girlier than the day babe got married,
I was blessed with these lovely baby's breath that made me feel like a pretty bride!
Located in Air Itam, this florist is easily spotted opposite of Chung Ling Private School
and next to the police station. Opened for business for only a month,
love how spacious, clean and neat the place is.
I recalled my last visit to the florist was not a pleasant one -
dusty, narrow and chaotic while this one is just the opposite, even better,
it's not just a florist with only flowers, they have pretty much everything for every occasion!
I shall explain my pet ladybird later.
Couldn't get over how pretty the hydrangea is!
Flower power, it could be for anybody - your girlfriend, mom, family friend or just anybody,
depending on which one they prefer, in a bouquet or in a vase.
Or in this case, hydrangea in a basket with the adorable teddy bears!
This was their special for the inaugural National Grandparents Day on October 4,
look at the cute little glasses the ah gong and ah ma bears were wearing!
Offering different promotion weekly, this gerbera daisies in basket
on teddy dear's bicycle was the promotion from Sep 28 to Oct 4 and priced at RM48 only.
If your loved ones are not fan of real flowers, you can always opt for
artificial flower which lasts forever and ever.
They even offer teddy bears! There's no need to make a visit to a toy shop
when you can basically get everything here! You can also add-on with chocolate or aromatic flowers.
Apart from not having to visit a toy shop, you could also skip going to the bakery
as they offer custom-made cakes and cup cakes! They really have everything, don't they?
Teddy bears are too basic? Get creative and get your loved ones a bouquet of plush toys!
This is certainly for a die-hard Marvel fan.

If your girl doesn't fancy flower or teddy bears, they have a nicely decorated spa basket too!
New born basket with super cute baby stroller balloon and teddy bear.
Just in case you don't have the time to even visit them, give them a call
or just go on their website here where there are photos, price and details, 
just pick what you want and they will customize according to your request and do the delivery for you!
No idea what to get for friend's or family's house warming?
These elegant peacock wine holder and fruit basket that represents prosperity are simply perfect!

Something that I absolutely love would be these Living Gardens, or commonly known as terrarium.
If you have no idea what this is, living garden is plants kept either sealed or unsealed in a glass container.
It is eye-catching, easy to maintain and could live up to a year.
Besides being a pretty decoration, the unsealed living garden releases air,
increases humidity into the air and removes toxins from the air. It is a natural air purifier!
Having a party? They do decorations too!
It was like a mini birthday photo booth for me with colorful balloons and gigantic teddy bears!
My pet ladybird says hi!
This balloon ladybird was the first thing I noticed once I stepped in, it's just too cute!
Me and HH couldn't stop taking photos of us 'walking' and 'flying' it lol
Here comes the favorite part of the review -
Getting ready to be a bride with gorgeous baby's breath head wreath and bouquet.
This makes me so, so happy. 
As much as I would love to deny, I am actually quite girly deep inside :B
I have been looking for baby's breath head wreath but couldn't find it in any accessory stores.
I was overwhelmed by how fine and delicate this head wreath is.
If you're keen to get one with different flowers, let them know and they will do according to what you like!
They also made us this super cute little bouquet which is currently trending in Korea. Too sweet :3
Huge thanks to For You Flowers and Gifts for such happy experience
and the beautiful bouquet of baby's breath that brighten up my room!
And not to forget HH for bringing me along and helped me with so many beautiful photos :)
For You Flowers and Gifts
Monday to Saturday 
9am - 6pm
9am - 12pm
434, Jalan Air Itam, 11400 Penang
(opposite Chung Ling Private School, next to police station)
010-220 5340

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