Edeve Skin Beauty Salon Penang

I know I looked like I am flaunting my hair (of course I am) but truth is,
I am promoting the skin products that are stuck on my self-proclaimed mermaid hair.
And wow, no jawline.

Please excuse my very awkward smile, it's so weird to pose without a cup in my hand where I just stare into space.
Located at Air Itam's residential area, Edeve has been established for 3 years now.
Clean and spacious, this beauty salon is very well-equipped, they even have a locker room!
Evelyn, the ladyboss herself used to have really bad skin condition and decided to study 
dermatology to find out what causes skin problems and how to curb it.
Being in the dermatology line for 15 years, we can safely say that she's now a skin expert.
She established her own business with the mission of saving people with problematic skin, how sweet!
One thing I love about them is that they're using Dermalogica products.
I recalled few years back I consulted Dermalogica counter when I had a severe skin break-out,
the promoter kind of scared me with the amount of products she was recommending me.
Of course, I was mainly scared by the price of the products cause they aren't cheap.
Therefore, I haven't gotten the chance to get my hands(skin) on the products
although I've heard so much amazing reviews about them.
And today, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to try them, for free :P
The facial started with the common and important procedure, which was filling up your details,
including your skin's condition, sensitivity and daily activities such as regular
meal consumption, exercise, sleep and alcohol intake.
It is to understand your lifestyle which reflects on your skin, not because they are kaypo.
Initially took this picture to scare my friends on the group chat
but I thought I should also scare everyone who is reading this post.
Joke aside, the facial I reviewed was the Energizing Lactic Plus Peel Treatment.
The treatment consisted cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, face pressure point massage,
soothing serum application, gel mask followed by calming cold mask.
I apologize for not having pictures of each steps as I can't afford a personal photographer
and you would probably vomit if you were to see the amount of blackheads that were squeezed out.

Instead of starting the steps immediately, Evelyn asked about my beauty routine,
of what I do to my face everyday and what products do I use.
I was told a gazillion times that I should double-cleanse, which was milk cleansing before gel cleanse.
Little did I know that milk cleanse does not only make your skin cleaner but it also restore
and maintain the moisture of your skin, preventing it to be dehydrated.
That explains why my skin is so hydrated and I'm really happy that I learned about this from them!

Anyway, as you can see on the picture above, it was the exfoliation using fruit enzyme,
a combination of papaya and pineapple enzyme which brighten and refine the skin.
It is perfect for post acne scars, dull and lack of luster skin,
open pores, pigmented skin, acne and congested skin. I have every single one of them T-T
However, it is not suitable for hyper sensitive skin because the enzyme would be too stimulating.
Before and After.
My face looked like a pao but see how long my lashes are!
If it is not obvious in the picture, my skin was brighten and the color was even after the facial!
It is priced at RM238 each treatment, get 50% off on your first trial!
If this treatment doesn't suit you, they have personalized facial treatment customized to your skin condition.
Apart from facial, they also do eyebrow trimming and waxing services as below:
Eyebrow waxing - RM45
Underarm waxing - RM45
Half leg waxing - RM75
Full leg waxing - RM150
So happy to bring home this Power Bright TRx set which included a daily microfoliant, 
multi-active toner, pre-cleanse, pure light cream, pure night cream and C-12 pure bright serum.
Huge thanks to Edeve Skin Beauty Salon for hosting and HH for recommending me!
Edeve Skin Beauty Salon Penang
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
10:30am - 7:30pm
10am - 6pm
Closed on Sunday
1R, Jalan Tun Mohd Salleh Ismail, Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Penang

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