Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

Nope, that guy you saw at 7-11 with me was not my boyfriend.
Ask questions on my upcoming movie please.
It had been 2 years since my last visit to the first 3D museum in Malaysia which is the one
in i-City Shah Alam. You can read the post here.
Thought it would be boring but we had so much fun as we could showcase how flexible our facial muscles are.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you will get it soon.
We were given free VIP tickets to this 3D Trick Art Museum which was
opened in Oct, 2014 in the heart of Penang. Catering not only to tourists
 but also to families and friends whodon't mind to lose their image(放得开).
The entrance fees are as below:
Adult - RM25 | RM15(with Malaysian IC)
Child and Senior Citizen - RM15 each | RM10 each(with Malaysian IC)
 Now do you understand my flexible facial muscles reference? Of course, I brought my brother 
who is very good at that(flexing facial muscles) with me so that I didn't have to look silly alone.
If you notice, the first section of the museum features many elements of Penang -
kampung, Penang hill funicular, sampan, yellow school bus and teh tarik.

 We're so good at this, aren't we? Such on-point facial expressions!
 Brother got bigger and dad got smaller.
 Those flashlights.
I think I am better at being sadako that she does.
Don't really know how does this work, I could only recall it was hell of a workout just to stand straight.
 Drowning also so happy.
 Family with the pandas.
 You can request the staff to take photos for you, select them at the booth and get them printed!
 Or you can also get creative and print the photos on keychains, mugs and more!
 Huge thanks to the museum for the VIP tickets!
Here's a very rare tourist shot of yours sincerely.
Penang 3D Trick Art Musuem
10, Lebuh Penang, 10200 George Town Penang
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 9am - 8pm
04-263 1628


  1. So many interesting and creative photos !!!
    By the way ur little bro looks cute haha ~

    1. Yea the best place to showcase my 'talent'!
      He's 15 already and I still kiss him everyday :X

  2. ahhahaha the sadako is the epic one :))
    btw, which one is the most worth it, Penang 3d art museum, Made in Penang, Odeon, or Penang Amazing Studios,

    btw can I use one of your photo here, for my article : ? ahhaha well i think i need to change the title it supposed to be 4 interactive museums (including this one)

    1. seized the opportunity to utilize my long hair haha :D
      I have no idea seriously, cause I've only been to this one :/
      sure sure you have my permission! :)