The Book Sandwich Cafe Beach Street

"Do you want me to focus on the food or you?" he asked.
Both, I replied. Too bad I could only choose one.
Anyway, I don't read, I'm here to eat!
This place was previously Favorite Cafe, now transformed to this quaint cafe with dimmed lighting.
Decked with random knick-knacks and paintings, it feels like home.
I apologize if I made this place seemed creepy and a little trippy,
the dolls are actually very adorable and the flowers were beautiful.
The back with natural sunlight, more knick-knacks and huge totoro wall mural
 that seemed to be a little out of place. Pick up a book to read,
there goes a perfect day where you armed yourself with a little more knowledge.
Remember, knowledge is power.
The only thing I read that day was the menu, that's why I flabby and stupid. 
Surprised that choice of food was sweeping. They've got salad, burger, soup,
sandwiches, pasta, meat and dessert! Okay I don't know why am I listing
all these down when you can just look at the picture of the menu.
Chicken & Ham Carbonara [RM16.50]
Raymond's choice of creamy carbonara cooked with garlic, mushroom,
herbs topped with crispy chicken(the bomb!).
Beef Rendang Sandwich [RM16.50]
I thought, we're at the Book Sandwich cafe, how can we not try their sandwich?
So I went for this fusion pick where the beef tenderloin was stewed in homemade rendang sauce,
sandwiched with cucumber, tomato, lettuce and sided with leafy greens and ma favorite chips.
The beef was tender and oozes fragrant spices, top marks to the chef!

When asked why the name 'Book Sandwich' was chosen, the chef explained savoring his recipe
is like reading a book, there are many layers to be explored, and it is a new surprise on every bite.
Deep kan? Which explains why I don't read.
After taking a series of photos of yours truly, Raymond looked back at the pictures and asked,
"Do you know how to use Photoshop?"
I answered no, and asked why did he ask.
"You look fat. Nevermind, meituxiuxiu is good enough."
Gotta love this guy's honesty and straightforwardness.
After all, everybody loves Raymond.
The Book Sandwich Cafe
Opens daily 11am - 11pm, closed on Monday
205, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 Penang
04-261 3445


  1. The doll looks a bit creapy but in overall it is a simple and cozy cafe!!! Agree with u, nice to read here hehe


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