Queensbay Mall Food Court Queens Hall

 After 9 months of revamping, Queensbay Mall has unveiled its refurbished food court,
Queens Hall with an exciting, sweeping, quality food selections last month.
 The 17,500 square feet food court could seat up to 500 people and was designed to
welcome food lovers from all walks of life with the nostalgic touch of George Town's heritage.
 Remember to look up for those astonishing and colorful adornments.
The food court was planned with geographic coordinate in mind, where it was 
structured and conceptualized to exude the essence of the Pearl of Orient.

 There are 8 different themes at the food court - 
Room of Bricks, Room of Signage, Room of Garden, Room of Medicine Box,
Room of Containers, Room of Roof, Room of Windows and Room of Tiles.
Each depicting unique elements of George Town, my favorite goes to the Room of Tiles.

 Operators were sourced from some of Penang's best street foods in town including
Sin Nam Huat chicken rice and TeoChew Chendul. Apart from Penang food,
there were also Indian, Western, European, Thai and Japanese delicacies
available to satisfy every palates and cravings.
Was so happy to see Sukhothai and Love A Loaf!
 Salmon Croissant from Hot Dog and Burger, perfect breakfast sandwich.
 Char Koay Teow was loaded with gigantic prawns.
 Beef Noodle, Pad Thai and Tab Tim Krob from Sukhothai did not let us down,
Thai food crave was satisfied.
Huge thanks to Jamie and Dom for inviting!

Queenshall, Queensbay Mall
Opens daily 10:30am - 10:30pm
3rd floor, Central Zone
Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas
04-619 8989


  1. Wow tis food court looks so classic~ nice place to take pic ^^

    1. Yes I think the idea of the designs is simply brilliant :)

  2. wow, i saw the salmon burger...had not tried for it

    1. haha it's normal to miss as there are so many other varieties available