New Dragon Gate Seafood Village Tanjung Bungah

Hi. I come in peace, please don't eat me.
Opened for business since February, New Dragon Gate Seafood Village 
is located at the back of Viva food court, next to Sea Wind Beach Cafe.
The restaurant is splashed with sweet baby blue and adorned with beach elements.
Cater to especially family dinner, they don't only serve seafood but also a variety of chu-char dishes.
We heard about the RM160 per kg king crab imported from Indonesia but was devastated
to hear that they were sold out on the day of visit. Oh well, as a wise fish said,
Just keep swimming. That doesn't make any sense.
Anyway, to the food!
Assorted Tofu with Abalone Sauce [RM18/Medium]
One of their signature dishes, which was a ying and yang sorta dish
as there were black-colored tofu made of charcoal powder from Taiwan.
Served with thick abalone sauce and topped with super cruncy deep fried enoki.
Dragon Vegetable with Lotus Root [RM18/Medium]
It was my first time eating Chinese chives and ... I didn't like the smell.
Stir fried together with beansprouts and topped with deep fried lotus root.
The deep fried lotus root was to-die-for!
Chicken with Blackcurrant Sauce [RM25/Medium]
Chicken was deep fried then stir fried with fresh grinded blackcurrent.
Juicy, sweet and crunchy. This was everybody's favorite!
Lala Steamed with Chili Lemon [RM18/Medium]
I like the sweet, sour, garlicky and spicy sauce. Simply appetizing.
Vietnamese Prawn [RM45/Medium]
The Vietnamese sauce tasted like asam, was expecting something hot.
Steamed Fish with Baba Style [RM54/900grams]
Fish was soft with appetizing Baba style sauce which was sour and a little spicy.
Huge thanks to New Dragon Gate Seafood Village for hosting!
Photo credit: Jazz Tan
New Dragon Gate Seafood Village
Opens daily 6pm-11pm
515A, Jalan CM Hashim, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
04-898 2722


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