Pulp by Papa Palheta Bangsar

 It took us a while to find this hipster cafe that looks like an abandoned warehouse.
The first thing that popped into my mind was to call Mel for direction,
funny that she's not even from KL lol.
The entrance was picturesque, we took a long time trying get a flattering picture of me.
It was a bad hair day.
The name Pulp derived from the 'depulping' process, where seeds were extracted to make coffee.
Interesting fact, this place was previously a paper cutting room!
 Papa Palheta's flagship store in Malaysia, this cafe is serious about their coffee
without forgetting to add a little humor in it. It was too early for dinner
and I was just done with my 2-hours full body massage,
felt a little peckish and sleepy at the same time.
I was the only sampat one in the entire cafe who was walking around taking photos,
checking out their sexy coffee machines and cupping room.
There was a coffee workshop going on during my visit, all I could do was peek.
 We were standing at the counter, staring at the menu, the barista approached us immediately.
We were thrown with recommendations, all sounded tempting that made us even more indecisive.
Ordered a cappucino, hot chocolate and a deadly sinful chocolate truffle cake.
Impressed with their in depth product knowledge, also they wash their hands.
They have quirky punny merchandises too.
 And finally, finally, I got a picture of my designated photographer and chauffeur.
Pulp Cafe Bangsar
Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 10pm
29-01, Jalan Riong 59100 KL
03-2201 3650


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