Sticks & Spoon Elite Avenue

Located at the rather new commercial building, Elite Avenue in Bayan Baru
opposite Pantai Hospital, Sticks & Spoon is a Chinese restaurant that serves
Hong Kong dim sum. Great news to those working in that area, 
you now have another option instead of just Canton-i or Dragon-i in the mall.
The setting of this place is a combination of a typical Chinese restaurant
and cafe, that's why it is called the oriental cafe.
Thanks to the so pretty yet so shy HH for being my model of the day.

Pu Er 普洱 | Ti Guan Yim 铁观音 [RM3.50/pax]
Chinese tea is the essential when it comes to eating dim sum.
Instead of the typical tea pot, they're using this which is lighter and better as
there's no need to keep opening the cap to see if it's time to refill.
Yin Yang 鸳鸯 [RM3]  | HK Milk Tea 香港奶茶 [RM3] | Honey Lemon [RM3.20]
Apart from Chinese tea, they serve popular Hong Kong beverages as well.

Xiao Long Pao 小笼包 [RM5.50]
As not many restaurants serve xiao long bao, I was delighted that they have it here.
Tasty with juicy minced pork, I find the price very affordable.
Good thing is that it comes in a small individual bowl, it's less clumsy
and you won't be spilling the heavenly soup everywhere
if you accidentally poke a hole into the dumpling.

Lao Sar Pau(Egg Custard Bun) 流沙包 [RM6/3pcs]
Another must-try would be this creamy, smooth egg custard bun,
my excitement escalated as the 'essence' were flowing out.
Crispy Prawn Rolls 炸虾卷 | Salad Prawn Puffs 沙拉虾酥[RM5 each]
Crispy prawn goodness, the pastry of the prawn puff was a little too thick but still,
both were delectable. Dip with chili sauce for extra kick or mayonnaise for a creamy note.
Chi Ma Chou(Sesame Balls) 芝麻薯 [RM5.40]
Initially, I didn't want to try this as I'm never a fan of red bean
but instead of the ordinary red bean paste, it contains black sesame paste that I love!
This is highly recommended for it's crunchy outer layer, soft and chewy as you bite into it.
Yu Dan Siu Mai(Caviar Pork Dumplings) 鱼蛋烧卖 [RM4.50]
Gi Ji Siu Mai(Wolfberry Pork Dumplings) 枸子烧卖 [RM4.50]
Essential at a dim sum place; Both are the same with minced pork and prawn,
opt for the latter if you would like a herbal wolfberry after taste.
Har Kao(Shrimp Dumplings) 虾饺[RM4.80]
Another essential is of course har kao, huge juicy shrimps are totally worth the swell on my lips.
Spare Ribs 排骨 [RM4.80]
Spare ribs were infused with black beans and Chinese herbs,
tender and flavorful one.
Handmade Fish Ball 鱼丸 [RM4.50]
Comes with fermented beancurd dip which appeared to be slightly too salty,
but it did add a twist to these handmade fish balls.
XO Loh Pak Gow(Carrot Cake with XO Sauce) XO萝卜糕 [RM8]
This is a very flavorful one with extra crunchiness thanks to the fried onion
and chopped spring onion sprinkled on top.
Steamed Chicken Chestnut and Chinese Sausage with Rice 香肠鸡肉蒸饭 [RM11.80]
Steamed Minced Pork and Salted Fish with Rice 肉碎咸鱼蒸饭 [RM11.80]
Apart from dim sum, they offer rice dishes as well.
XO Seafood Fried Rice XO海鲜炒饭 [RM11.80]
The taste of the XO sauce was not distinctive enough but overall palatable.
HK Style Beef Noodle  港式牛腩面 [RM13.80]
Beef brisket was soft and tender and noodle was slurpy yum!
Kwai Fa Jelly 桂花糕 [RM4.50] | Dragonfruit Jelly 龙珠果果冻 [RM4.50]
Both were very dense and delicious, the pretty dragonfruit jelly is filled with
pieces of orange, honeydew, papaya and of course, dragonfruit.
It's healthy as the coloring comes from all the fruits, it was too good so
I shamelessly asked for another plate, all to myself.

Huge thanks to Sticks & Spoon for hosting!
Sticks & Spoon
Opening hours
Monday to Friday
11am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 10pm
Saturday to Sunday
8am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 10pm
1-1-3A, Elit Avenue, Jalan Mayang Pasir 3,
Bayan Baru, 11950 Penang
04-611 5657


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