Silly Epiphany #4

1. I think I'm an angel
Brother was taking a selfie while I had a serious talk with my mom.
I have no idea how I turned out to be so dreamy!
Here's a close-up just in case you couldn't see clearly.
I tried to recreate that dreamy look but failed miserably.

 2. Thank you 9GAG
Saw this ad at the car park at Gurney Plaza.
It says there 'Be slender'.
This horrifying thing popped into my mind and I thought,
Why would I ever want to look like him???
9GAG pretty much brainwashed me.

3. What do I have in my camera roll?
Was out with Raymond one Sunday and he asked how come
I don't set password on my phone. I proudly told him that I have nothing to hide.
So he asked, "Don't you have like tonnes of selfies in your phone?".
I got curious and checked my camera roll 
as I actually had no idea what kind of pictures I normally take.

Then only realized that I take a lot of pictures of food menus to help me with my write-up.
Oh there are 2 selfies though! And a long-torso Rapunzel that I drew!
Spot the inception photo.

4. Story of a glutton
Saw this advertisement the other day on my blog and read EDIBLE instead of ELIGIBLE.
I was like 'Can eat??? Where to buy this kind of husband I WANT!!'
I'm hopelessly tam jiak.


  1. tam jiak is good....find a BIG FAT tam jiak husband urself, maybe motak is a good choices too as he is restaurant

    P/S: so many miam miam menu....but same as

    1. But motak isn't fat but black! Yea I think you have more menus and notes than I do lol