Money Houz Nagore Square

I grew up believing this - Money is the root of all evil.
But as I grew up, I realized it's actually the another way round.
The lack of money is the root of all evil.
On the good side, it drives you to create opportunities, motivates you to go for more.
While on the bad side, it makes some rob, scam and kill.
Okay this post started way too serious.
Located at Nagore Square, Money Houz is a cafe serving Western food
and resolves around, obviously, money.
 Oh they have live band playing every Friday and Saturday from 9:30pm onward.
It says here money can't buy happiness, I beg to differ. 
I don't know about you but money does make me happy.
Cause food and traveling make me happy, and what do I need to get those?
Money. Those who said money isn't important is living in denial.
But of course, I do agree that money isn't everything.
Cause it can't buy me love, nor time, nor my pet rabbit Caramel that passed away.
They have dart machines on second floor! Only RM2 per player.
Had so much playing as I was leading at first, but ended up being the loser.
Still, great game!
 Mocha [RM9.90] | Mixed Berries Smoothie [RM10.90]
Hot Chocolate Hazelnut [RM10.90]
Cappucino [RM8.90]
They do 3-D latte art here!
Apple Rose Flower Tea [RM9.90]
They serve a range of flower tea, this one is light and sweet with a tinge of sour note.
Houz Salad [RM10.80]
Crunchy baby romaine lettuce topped with bacon bits, chopped tomatoes
 and sprinkled with powdered cheese.
Wild Mushroom Soup [RM9.50]
Creamy and smooth, it would be better if there were more mushroom chunks in it.
Shepherd's Pie(beef) [RM16.80]
Although the mashed potato crust was a little dry but overall
was delicious with marinated beef hiding underneath.
Comes with homemade black pepper sauce, opt for chicken if you don't take beef.
Baked Cheese Chicken with Mushroom Sauce [RM16.80]
A very flavorful and tender grilled chicken topped with cheese and drown in mushroom sauce.

Chicken Thermidor [RM16.80]
Similar to the one above with creamy mushroom sauce, without cheese.
Both sided with steamed greens and fries.
Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa Sauce [RM17,80]
I would recommend this one as the homemade tomato salsa sauce
was pretty good as well as the lemony tartar sauce.
Roasted Chicken with BBQ Sauce [RM14.80]
I'm so sorry that I didn't realized it was blur when I took this picture :/
I will never go for a 2-hour badminton game(and hopped 2 cafes before that)
ever again before attending a food review.
Comes with roasted potatoes and carrot, corn, peas,
chicken drumstick was roasted to perfection and loaded with smoky BBQ sauce.
It's a total steal as the portion is pretty big and it's only RM14.80!

Now, dessert time! Their desserts are all homemade, less sweet,
less sugar, low fat and low cholesterol. 
Ispahan [RM9.90]
Such beautiful cherry blossom tree accompanying this gigantic macaron!
Great combination of sweet from the macaron, lychee, cream and
sour that comes from the fresh strawberries sandwiched in between.
Belgium Cheese [RM9.90]
Rich layering of cheese and Belgium chocolate was heavenly.
They're creative to draw fire crackers that symbolize CNY on top of it!
Before you leave, don't forget to bring home your very own lucky gold coin!
Huge thanks to Money Houz for hosting!
Money Houz Nagore Square
Opening hours
Monday to Thursday, Sunday
12pm - 12am
Friday to Saturday
12pm - 1am
77, Jalan Nagore, 10050 Georgetown Penang
04-226 3068

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