Jump Street Penang D'Piazza Trampoline Park | Jump Cafe

Thanks to Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar(okay not really), visited this happy place
for two consecutive Sundays, once with Raymond and another with le familia.
I think I might got addicted to jumping on trampoline.
I recalled the first time I jumped on a trampoline was probably 10 years ago
at a friend's mansion. It was just a small one, the trampolines here are gigantic!
Anyway, Jump Street has nothing to do with Channing Tatum,
it's the largest indoor trampoline park in Asia that features 9 exciting attractions.
RM20 first hour during off-peak and RM25 during peak days.
Jumpers are required to get a pair of grip socks at RM4.50.
All first-time jumpers will gather at the Main Court for safety briefing
and jumping tutorials including basic tricks.
While Javin was showing off how flexible he is, I got pale by just jumping on the same spot.
The Foam Pit is for those who wants to practise their front and back flips and stunts
that I have no idea of. Tried jumping in when I was with Raymond,
took quite some time for me to crawl out. Embarrassing.
Next to the Foam Pit would be Tower Jump and this Battle Beam.
It was a really long, tough game for these two hunks.
Very inconsiderate of them, there was a long queue come on!
And that was the moment I almost died while he danced in the battle.
So we all took our revenge on this poor baby, apparently he enjoyed getting bullied.
The most popular one with the longest queue would be Slam Dunk.
Comes with 3 different heights, instead of just merely shooting the basket, 
everyone was trying to perfect their pose for pictures and videos.
That explains the long queue.
And here's me contributing to the long queue a slow-mo video of me shot using iPhone6 plus.
Simply fascinating. I'm talking about the outcome, and of course, me.
Love how my hair bounced.
Surprisingly, they have yoga too!
Okay kidding, it's Dodge Ball. Check out me perfecting a yoga pose at the back.
This is best when you're with your bunch of friends,
or maybe people you hate so you can throw the ball to his/her face.
Macam yes, tapi bukan. I got disqualified within a minute.
Last but not least, the High Performance area for the experts and acrobats.
The trampolines here have stronger bounce for higher jumps!
I jumped into the giant air bag in fear and kinda hurt myself a little bit.
This is not for chickens like me.

And here's another slow-mo video of my hair.
If you're hungry after or during the jump, drop by their Jump Cafe for a bite.
The price they charge is surprisingly cheap. We had fruit smoothies,
mine was blended with 3 different fresh fruits and it was only RM8nett.
This place is amazing.
Still sungguh bersemangat even though I was exhausted from all those jumping.
Abruptly ending my post here.

Jump Street Indoor Trampoline Park D'Piazza Mall
Opening hours
Sunday to Wednesday 10am - 9pm
Thursday 10am - 11pm
Friday to Saturday 10am - midnight
D'Piazza Mall | 70, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11900 Penang


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